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One Of The 'Geordie Shore' Lads Is Trying His Luck At MMA

One Of The 'Geordie Shore' Lads Is Trying His Luck At MMA

This can't end well.

Liam Bond

Liam Bond

The lads in Geordie Shore have made a living from getting into scuffles in clubs and punching walls, so it'll come as absolutely no surprise that one of them thinks they've got what it takes to become a professional fighter.

Former oil worker Aaron Chalmers has signed up for his first ever MMA fight after training with UK fight company Bamma.

According to MTV, his first bout will take place at the Liverpool Olympia in September this year.

The reality TV star told MTV:

"I'm not going to lie, I think the other Geordies are more excited than I am. Gaz is wanting to walk out with us! I'm like "It's not the UFC Gary, it's just a venue in Liverpool!

"Now the fight's booked in, the plan is to stick to a strict diet and put on as much muscle as possible. It's pretty strict.

"I'm not gonna lie, because we've just filmed Geordie Shore I have been drinking but not since we've been out of the house and I don't plan on drinking any time soon because I want to get in fighting shape."

It's not yet known who he will be facing, but something tells me this venture probably isn't going to end well.

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