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Owen Wilson Has Said 'Wow' 81 Times In 27 Movies

Owen Wilson Has Said 'Wow' 81 Times In 27 Movies

As of June 2020, Wilson has said the word ‘wow’ in 27 of his films, and in total he’s said it 81 times

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Owen Wilson is known for saying 'wow' a lot in films - probably because he says it with such conviction that it sticks in our minds more than it might with other actors. You can hear him saying it right now, can't you? Woooooooow.

Well, it may come as no surprise to you that someone has done the maths to confirm that he does, indeed, say it fairly regularly - with estimates saying he's uttered the word more than 80 times in his films.

According to Screenrant, as of June 2020, Wilson has said the word 'wow' in 27 of his films, and that in total he's said it 81 times.

Midnight in Paris.
Sony Pictures Classics

"Ever since Wilson said 'wow' in his feature film debut in 1996's Bottle Rocket, he has gone on to say the word in 27 different movies," writer Cooper Hood explains.

As he'd appeared in 52 released films - not including his most recent role in this year's Bliss - Wilson statistically says 'wow' in 51.9 percent of his films

Hood continues: "This frequency highlights why Wilson is so closely associated with the word, but it becomes even more obvious when the astonishing amount of times he's said 'wow' is factored in.

Wedding Crashers.
New Line Cinema

"In these 27 movies, Wilson says 'wow' a total of 81 times. 2011's Midnight in Paris holds the record for the highest number of 'wow's in a single Wilson movie as he utters it seven times."

According to the entertainment outlet, other 'wow'-heavy films include Wedding Crashers (six), Marley and Me (six), Hall Pass (six), Cars (six), The Internship (five) and The Haunting (five).

It's become such a catchphrase of his, that there was even an entire event dedicated to it a few years back - yep, back in the day when we could actually meet up with other people.


Organised over Facebook by Owen Wilson fanpage Owen Wilson Wowposting, the event took place in Melbourne, Australia, where a flash mob of hundreds gathered to say 'wow' in unison.

The event page read: "Let's put some positivity out there into the world! Let's marvel at the beauty and wonder of this incredible planet we live on, and let's WOW like Owen Wilson!

"Invite your friends! Crashing Weddings is so 2005, so let's crash Fed Square instead!"

As promised, things started off with a 'hype speech from admin' - a few words from the creator of the Facebook page that brought everyone together - before the group were able to let rip.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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