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Pamela Anderson Reveals The Rowdiest Story From The Playboy Mansion

Pamela Anderson Reveals The Rowdiest Story From The Playboy Mansion

The parties at the mansion were the talk of the world for decades and the former model's story certainly lives up to the hype

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

There is plenty of folklore about the Playboy Mansion and what went on behind closed doors. The parties were known to be filled with debauchery and outrageousness, which is sad to know considering they're now a relic of the past.

Pamela Anderson is no stranger to the men's magazine, being on the cover more than any other model in the company's history.

So she's bound to have witnessed some pretty intense things at the Los Angeles home. The 50-year-old has opened up to Piers Morgan for his Life Stories series, recalling the rowdiest moment.

"Everyone was naked in the grotto and the girls were downstairs and they all went upstairs," she told the TV host and the audience.

"I followed them upstairs. I thought, 'What could be going on up here?' Seven girls, one at a time with Hef.


"I was stood at the end of the bed watching them and then I realised they were watching me. I thought, 'This is not a movie. I need to leave'."

Her chat with Piers spanned a lot of topics, including her relationships with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange and Russian President Vladimir Putin. While Piers did his best to get as much information out of the former glamour model as possible, she declined to answer the questions she felt were too personal.

"No...I don't want to talk about that," she said. "You are so persistent. I am too honest."

She first announced her support for Assange in late 2016, calling him a 'hero' who was 'doing us all a great service'.


Anderson has been pictured visiting the Australian fugitive at the Ecuadorian embassy where he's been holed up since 2012.

"He is a prisoner," Pamela said about Julian's situation. "It is difficult to have a relationship with somebody. I adore him."

Piers wanted to know how Pamela, an animal rights activist and former Playboy model, became friends with Vladimir Putin.

"Well I wrote to him and asked him to stop the importation of seal products because this was 95 percent of the market and that could potentially shut down the Canadian seal hunt, which is one of my big goals," she told Piers.

"So, he did. He made it illegal to import seal products into the country."

Pam avoided the question of whether she's ever spoken directly with Putin and denied ever sleeping with the Russian leader, but did say: "He wanted me at his inauguration and give him flowers. I was going to give him flowers...I didn't do that. We've been in the same place together...sometimes," before awkwardly trailing off without finishing the sentence...

Featured Image Credit: PA

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