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People Are Kicking Off About Robbie Williams' Manners At Royal Wedding

People Are Kicking Off About Robbie Williams' Manners At Royal Wedding

Robbie was spotted chewing gum at the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank

While it would probably be a massive honour to receive an invite to a royal wedding, I reckon it'd also be pretty bloody intimidating. Not only do you have to try and find something that looks great but is nice and demure for the royal types (which will no doubt cost half your annual salary), you also have to try and master some of that ever-elusive etiquette.

Well, while Robbie Williams had his outfit pretty sussed for the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank, by the looks of things he seemed to struggle a bit more with the latter - committing the ultimate royal wedding faux pas by reportedly chewing gum in the chapel.

Spotting his error, one person tweeted: "Beautiful Royal bride lovely wedding and Lovely mother of the bride Duchess of York. However Robbie Williams chewing gum goes against etiquette especially when you are talking to people whilst sitting in the Chapel."

Someone else said: "Uh oh.... Robbie Williams is chewing gum sitting in the Quire of St George's Chapel... "

Another wrote: "How many mentions and bad words will @robbiewilliams get said against him now for chewing gum!"

I mean, we should probably give him a break, given that just moments before he'd been walking into the church in conditions so blustery that the wind yanked his mother-in-law's hat straight off her head.

Plus Robbie's also not alone in breaking royal wedding tradition.

Fellow guest Cara Delevingne decided to shun all the flowy, feminine dresses that other female guests were wearing, and opted instead for one seriously badass suit. Top hat and all.

Fans on social media had nothing but praise for her bold styling, with many commenting on her Instagram posts (which she'd captioned 'Showing up the lads' and 'Suited and booted') to say it was the 'best look of the day'.


One Instagrammer wrote: "Cara was the only Kween at that wedding that's all I gotta say peace"

Another said: "You are such an inspiration @caradelevingne for so many girls out there..... you totally look a kickass in this outift and you really nailed it."

People on Twitter shared the same sentiment, with one commenting: "Cara Delevingne in a top hat! She's won! Everyone go home! #RoyalWedding."

Another tweeted: "@Caradelevingne just shut it down in this power suit. #RoyalWedding."

Chewing gum and women in suits? I like the way this royal wedding went, if i'm honest. Break the mould, people.

Next up, the Queen in jeans? We can only hope.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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