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​People Are Stunned By Paris Hilton’s 'Real' Voice After She Admits She’s Being ‘Playing A Character’

​People Are Stunned By Paris Hilton’s 'Real' Voice After She Admits She’s Being ‘Playing A Character’

In her new YouTube doc, the star attempts to break down her carefully-crafted public image, saying she's been 'playing a character'

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Paris Hilton has people stunned as she shows off her 'real voice' in a bid to ditch the 'dumb blonde' persona she became known for, having released a brand new documentary about who she really is.

In the YouTube doc I Am Paris, the star attempts to break down her public image that helped her carve out a career, saying she has merely been 'playing a character' all along.

Hilton, 39, became the face of the 2000s LA socialite scene (with Kim Kardashian as her assistant, you'll remember) and went on to star in reality TV show The Simple Life alongside Nicole Richie.

But now the heiress is keen to ditch the image she claims was entirely fake, saying she wants to show people the 'real' her.

Paris Hilton at the MTV Movie Awards in 2003.

Speaking to 7News while promoting the new documentary, Hilton said: "This entire time I have been playing a character so the world has never truly known who I am."

She added: "I feel it's time for the world to finally know how I was. I feel that I've been through so much."

Hilton went on to explain that she wants to change her 'legacy', saying: "The real me is someone who is actually brilliant. I'm not a dumb blonde, I'm just really good at pretending to be one.

Hilton with her dog Tinkerbell in 2005.

"I don't want to be remembered for some airhead, but the businesswoman I am."

In both the interview and the documentary, we hear Hilton speak in an uncharacteristically deep voice - a stark departure from the babyish tone she became world-famous for - which has promopted many people to take to social media in shock.

One person tweeted: "Hearing @ParisHilton's natural speaking voice has shaken me to my core. Thank you for completely being yourself."

Someone else wrote: "Omg did i just hear paris hilton's real voice??????"

Another said: "Paris Hilton talking in her real voice and not her baby voice is SUCH a f***ing SERVE!"

A fourth added: "Who had Paris Hilton real voice on their 2020 bingo card??"

This Is Paris is available to watch on YouTube now.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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