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Expert Predicts People Could Soon Be Able To Have Virtual Sex With Celebrities

Expert Predicts People Could Soon Be Able To Have Virtual Sex With Celebrities

My dream girl. Credit: PA

How many hours of each day do you reckon you spend imaging you could make sweet love to super hot celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence and Rihanna? (Preferably at the same time), or Bradley Cooper, Leo DiCaprio or Ryan Gosling. There's no shame, we're all friends here.

Well, according to BBC filmmaker Ted Harrison, those daydreams could soon become a reality. Kind of.

He reckons that in a few short years people will be able to have virtual sex with their biggest idols.


Basically, new technology means that ultrasound waves can create the sensation of holding an object. Further developments mean that they can create the feeling of human touch.

Not going to lie, I don't know how I feel about this actually. It's pretty creepy, innit?

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Harrison said: "It could well be possible to book a life-size, lifelike virtual Elvis for a birthday party in the same way that today an Elvis lookalike can be hired.

"If technology could simulate contact, what ethical and moral issues would this raise?"


He added: "If fans were able to feel Elvis caress or kiss him, where might such foreplay lead? A whole body suit with sense points to stimulate a range of encounters?"

Oh sweet Jesus. I'm all shook up.

Pretty creeped out, though, too. Elvis didn't die for this.

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