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Ric Flair Goes In On Conor McGregor After Terrible 'WWE Wrestlers Are Pussies' Apology

Ric Flair Goes In On Conor McGregor After Terrible 'WWE Wrestlers Are Pussies' Apology


George Pavlou

George Pavlou

Featured image credit: WWE Network/PA

The other day you might recall Conor McGregor trying to shunt his way into the headlines after a rather quiet period by his standards by calling all WWE wrestlers 'messed up pussies'.

Who exactly he was having a go at? I can't be sure. As we all know too well, The Notorious likes mouthing off at anybody and everybody who will listen.

Of course, McGregor only needs to look up a few divisions at Brock Lesnar and see that not all WWE wrestlers are 'messed up pussies'. They might be performers too but they're still seriously tough athletes.

Anyway, it seems McGregor's comments riled up WWE fans, causing the Irishman to issue the following, ahem, 'apology'...

Shock horror, McGregor refuses to eat his words.

Anyway, we all know what happened to reporter John Stossel when he told pro wrestler Dr. D David Schultz that wrestling was fake...

Now, if there was one person who has been there and done it in the wrestling entertainment industry, putting his body on the line week in week out for the entertainment of others, it's The Nature Boy Ric Flair.

The guy, simply put, is a legend. And he did not take too kindly at all to McGregor's comments...

But it didn't finish there...

Or there...


As my talented colleague over on TheSPORTbible so eloquently put...

He's right, McGregor will be a 'messed up pussy' at some point. An appearance from The Notorious in WWE would be a ridiculous money-spinner.

And I want it to happen.

Words by George Pavlou

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