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​Robert Irwin Turns 16, Having Learnt To Drive Dad Steve’s Car

​Robert Irwin Turns 16, Having Learnt To Drive Dad Steve’s Car

Turning 16 means Robert can now get his driving licence, although it turns out he’s already had a bit of practice behind the wheel

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

It may feel like mere moments ago that Steve 'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin was seen proudly sporting his young son Robert on his hip, smiling into the camera as his toddler calmly held a koala bear bigger than he was.

Robert would go on to tragically lose his father at the age of three - after Steve suffered a fatal blow from a stingray in 2006 - but in the years since he's managed to turn tragedy into inspiration, having dedicated his life to honouring his father's legacy.

And now Robert's reached an important milestone, having turned 16 today and subsequently made us all feel VERY old.

Instagram/Robert Irwin

Turning 16 means Robert can now get a learner driver's licence, although it turns out he's already had a bit of practice behind the wheel - and not just any wheel.

Robert's mum Terri told Channel 7's The Morning Show: "Robert's a really good driver already.

"We have some beautiful conservation properties where he's been able to practice in his dad's ute.

"The ute has no power steering, it's a manual, and it's a beast to drive. So once you've mastered that, I think you can drive anything."

Robert with sister Bindi and mum Terri.
Instagram/Robert Irwin

Robert's been celebrating his birthday today with a huge bash at Australia Zoo, where a giant rhino statue has even been installed to mark the occasion.

Ahead of the event, he said: "It's going to be exciting.

"It's a pretty big milestone, and at Australia Zoo, as always, it's going to be a huge celebration. All kids are gonna be in for free, and it's going to be a big birthday bash.

"We're going to be feeding the crocs, there's going to be a bunch of new things in my photography gallery, Santa's gonna be making an appearance, we've got a giant waterslide - it's going to be an action-packed day, for sure."

Instagram/Australia Zoo

The youngster already has years of conservation under his belt, having been recently named in Time Magazine's Time100Next list alongside his sister Bindi.

Robert continued: "Wildlife all over the world are having such a tough time.

"Climate change is having a huge effect on so many animals. I think it's really up to everyone to start that discussion, and realise that we can all make a difference - but we need to start to act now.

"We've definitely seen a spike in numbers at our wildlife hospital - and there's never been a more important time to join together and do our part."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Robert Irwin

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