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​Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin Trade Playground Insults

​Ryan Reynolds And Josh Brolin Trade Playground Insults

Facing off in the Playground Rules game on the Scott Mills' Show on BBC Radio 1, Reynolds and Brolin went head-to-head trading insults

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

We all know that Deadpool is an absolute savage, with the red and black-clad superhero often seen making sharp-tongued jabs at just about everyone from David Beckham to Celine Dion.

But we also know that Ryan Reynolds - the smooth-talking chin-wearer behind the mask - has been known to dish out a few hilarious digs at people, too... not least towards wife Blake Lively, who thankfully not only takes it all in her stride, but also bites back with equally good stuff.

Reynolds' latest opponent? Josh Brolin, his fellow Deadpool 2 star.

Facing off in the Playground Rules game on the Scott Mills Show on BBC Radio 1, Reynolds and Brolin went head-to-head trading insults with each other. Some were weird, some were shite, but some were absolutely ingenious.

"Josh, you are a muffin-snuggling pirate puncher," Reynolds begins.

Brolin looks unfazed, asking: "That's your insult?"

"You're so old, you make dust look like a baby," Reynolds continues.

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Brolin hits back: "You're tall, you're handsome, you have the perfect amount of [beard] scruff, and yet you still have no talent."

"You're gonna say that with a straight face to 1998's MTV's Best Kiss nominee Ryan Reynolds?" Reynolds replies.

Brolin also takes on Green Lantern - what he refers to as the 'end' of Reynolds' career, asking why he's still going.

But he went one better for his next one. "Being tall, being handsome, being presentably beautiful, I was surprised during our sex scene how small your penis was - and how big your balls were, which makes sense in how you create a tone in Deadpool that's as edgy as it is."

Reynolds replies: "That's three balls to you my friend, it's called a tri-sticle!"

When Brolin tries to say that Reynolds' whole life has been about 'bullshitting people', Reynolds tries to use The Goonies as a counter-argument. One that totally doesn't work, of course, because The Goonies is OBVIOUSLY a true story.


Reynolds tries to talk about drinking - but that's a no-goer, given that Brolin's sworn off booze.

Instead he goes with: "You're so bad in The Goonies that people don't drink; they just punch themselves in the dick for five straight minutes."

He feels guilty for a moment, explaining that he actually really loves The Goonies, before hitting back with: "Josh, what's your favourite colour, mediocre?"

As they wrap things up, Brolin claims that he was probably the winner out of this, as Reynolds explains that he absolutely hated the game. Brolin then bowls back in with one more: "You know why? Because you're Canadian."

Strong work, LADs.

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