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Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock Serenade The Proposal Co-Star Betty White For 98th Birthday

Ryan Reynolds And Sandra Bullock Serenade The Proposal Co-Star Betty White For 98th Birthday

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock have serenaded Betty White to celebrate her 98th birthday.

The three actors all starred together in the 2009 movie The Proposal and clearly Reynolds and Bullock have a lot of time for White.

In a video, the pair sang happy birthday to the eight-time Emmy award winner - with Reynolds adding a smattering of his usual quirky banter.


After Bullock claims to love White more, Reynolds says: "What does Sandy do for you every year?

"Does she like, show up and hand-deliver flowers to you wearing nothing but black socks and a dozen gold bracelets, just like you requested? Doubt it."

Then, on a more serious note, Bullock tells White she loves her. Awww.

It's no more than White deserves though, having garnered a massive fan-base and become an icon of the screen in a career spanning 80 years.


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Ryan Reynolds Shares Very Ryan Reynolds Coronavirus Message On Twitter

If you follow Ryan Reynolds on social media, then you'll know that shanter tends to be his preferred form of output.

At Christmas for example, he stitched up his old buddy Hugh Jackman by telling him there was a Christmas jumper theme at a get-together when there actually wasn't. Classic.


The Proposal Stars Sandra Bullock And Ryan Reynolds Could Be Starring Together Once Again

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The pair have a long history of top bants, which all started back in April 2018, when Jackman tweeted a video of himself trying to post a birthday message to somebody from a hotel room - while Deadpool messed about on the bed behind him and made it pretty difficult.

Then, in October, Ryan Reynolds wished Hugh a bit of a NSFW birthday message.

Honestly, these guys are just a damn hoot.


Wonder whether Blake Lively ever gets jelly of their bromance?

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