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Ryan Reynolds Stuns South Korean Singing Contest In Rainbow Unicorn Suit

Ryan Reynolds Stuns South Korean Singing Contest In Rainbow Unicorn Suit

This certainly is his best promotion of 'Deadpool 2' to date

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

If you haven't heard, there's this new movie coming out tomorrow called Deadpool 2 that's apparently pretty awesome. If you didn't know that then you've managed to miss the huge amount of promotion, done mainly by the titular star Ryan Reynolds.

He's given us trailers, collaborations with people like David Beckham, funny posts, interpretive dances to Celine Dion and plenty more. But he's taken it up a notch and a half with this incredible performance.

While he looks pretty decent in his Deadpool red and black outfit, I think it's fair to say this comes very close.

Dressed in a glittering silver cape with rainbow lapels and a unicorn mask bearing an incredibly cheery expression, Reynolds belted out a beautiful rendition of 'Tomorrow' from the hit musical Annie. It's actually the second time he's sung that recently - you'd have to guess it features in the film somehow...

He was on the South Korean reality singing contest show King of Mask Singer, which is kind of like X Factor and The Voice except the contestants wear bizarre masks during their performances.

From the looks of things, the judges seemed to really dig Reynolds' song. But when he pulled off his mask, that's when everyone went well and truly berserk.

One of the judges thought he was Donald Trump - because every world leader tries to make time to partake in a singing contest, don't they?

Some wanted selfies with the Deadpool 2 actor whereas others simply just yelled and screamed.

It's not every day a big-name actor disguises themselves as a rainbow unicorn and pumps out a classic musical staple in South Korea.

Reynolds told the crowd that he didn't even tell his wife, Blake Lively, that he was going on the singing show.

This cheeky stunt is just one of many attempts to promote Deadpool 2 and to be fair, we're not really complaining because most of the promo moments have been golden. But when it was Josh Brolin's turn to hype up the film, who plays the baddie Cable, he went in a very different direction.

Brolin appeared naked, caressing a fish with the most bizarre caption.

Josh Brolin/Instagram

It goes like this: "In CANNES selling an idea I had called Lucky #7. It's a movie about me and a fish. It's a romance. I don't see why a man can't have a relationship with someone other than a woman or a man.

"I've always believed that film is about the spiritual condition, and everything living thing has a spirit. Remember there was Free Willy, and there was Black Beauty.

"Maybe it's a prequel before Cable gets sent to the future, before he comes back from the future into the past which is the present. #7: naked, lucky and in love. Watch Deadpool 2 on May 18 for a better understanding of what I'm bringing down."

If I wasn't confused before reading the caption, I certainly am now. Who cares, the film premieres in the UK tomorrow and we'll get to see whether it lives up to the hype.

Featured Image Credit: MBC Entertainment

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