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​Simon Cowell Interview Gatecrashed By His Own Son

​Simon Cowell Interview Gatecrashed By His Own Son

Simon Cowell was interviewed on Loose Women - only to have the chat gatecrashed by his own son, Eric.

Simon may be known as the cranky one on various entertainment shows, often seen sighing his way through auditions and putting people down by telling them they're rubbish.


But when he was being interviewed in his LA home by Loose Women presenter Ayda Field, his softer side came out - thanks to the unexpected arrival of four-year-old son Eric, Simon's first child from his current relationship with Lauren Silverman.

Despite the room being kitted out with TV cameras, Eric ran over to his dad and Ayda, who were sitting on the sofa.

As Eric tried to clip clothes pegs onto his dad's fingers, Ayda asked him who his favourite judge is on Britain's Got Talent.

Credit: ITV
Credit: ITV

"Daddy," Eric replied quietly, showing he was a little bit shy but, at the same time, well prepped.

"Well of course you would say that!" Simon laughed.

Ayda then suggested that maybe wee Eric was just sucking up to his father for some extra chocolate.

Simon then thought he'd push it a bit, asking his son who he thought was the most handsome.

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But Eric wasn't biting, pointing to himself and saying: "Me!"


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Not so shy after all, eh, LAD?

At the weekend Simon and his fellow judges were bowled over by young opera singer Gruffydd Wyn 'Griff' Roberts, who not only left the audience absolutely speechless, but was also given the coveted golden buzzer.


The audition got off to a sad start when Griff revealed he lived with his nan. When Simon asked why, he struggled to explain that he only met his dad when he was 16 and left it at that.

The young LAD said his big dream was to sell out theatres and wow people with his opera.

Griff started singing 'Un Giorno Per Noi', but Simon stopped him, saying that it felt cold and mechanical. So he said that he had one more song up his sleeve, 'Nessun Dorma', which was when he absolutely smashed it.

The big finale got the four judges and everyone in the crowd on their feet and just as Griff looked chuffed with himself for his performance, Amanda pushed the Golden Buzzer.


Simon told him: "That song is the ultimate underdog song and when you can nail that song in an environment like this, with everything that's going through your head, you deserve what you just got."

David Walliams wrapped up by saying: "It's just one of those songs, isn't it, that if the right person is singing it, someone that you really feel is emotionally connected to, it lifts you up, out of your seat and we all felt like we were flying because it was so magical."

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