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Stone Cold Steve Austin With Hair In The Early '90s Is Slightly Unnerving

George Pavlou


Stone Cold Steve Austin With Hair In The Early '90s Is Slightly Unnerving

So I was perusing the internet as you do and a certain headline from Joe.co.uk grabbed my eye. It read: Stone Cold Steve Austin with hair is probably the weirdest thing you'll see today.

I mean, they weren't wrong. They weren't wrong at all.

I can't remember what happened last week let alone what happened in the early 90s when I was shitting my pants on the regs and crying to my mum at 3am in the morning because... I'd shit my pants.

Regardless, I tried to stretch my memory back to when I used to watch the WWE when all the big names like the Hardy Boys, the Dudley Boys, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin were in their pomp.


I couldn't for the life of me remember Stone Cold Steve Austin anything other than bald. He never had hair as far as I was concerned, until today.

Joe.co.uk unearthed these pictures of Stone Cold from the early 90s when he was on the World Championship Wrestling roster and called Stunning Steve Austin.

Thank the Lord he didn't stick with that name because although his blonde locks made him slightly easier on the eye, he still wasn't exactly what I'd call 'stunning'.


Whoever it was at the WWE who told him to cut his hair and become a badass deserves every penny they ever made from the company and more.

This is the Stone Cold we know and love...


And long may he continue to be this guy and not Stunning Steve Austin.

The 90s were weird, I just didn't know they were this weird.

Words by George Pavlou

All images credited to WWE/WCW

Topics: Hair and Beauty, WWE

George Pavlou
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