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Tesla Website Crashes After Elon Musk Launches Short Shorts In Response To Doubters

Tesla Website Crashes After Elon Musk Launches Short Shorts In Response To Doubters

The Tesla boss later tweeted: "Dang, we broke the website," alright for some

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Elon Musk has launched his own range of short shorts and they crashed his website and people went wild for them.

The Tesla boss probably hasn't found a new path in life as a fashion designer, he was just poking fun at critics as stock rose to a record $1,200 (£960) per share.

But more about the shorts. The limited edition red satin short shorts. They were flogged for the bargain price of $69.42(£55.50).


They have sold out of sizes XS, S, M and L with only XL left to purchase. With 'S3XY' on the back, how can you say no?

And it looks like they went down an absolute storm as 49-year-old Musk tweeted to tell fans that the 'limited edition' shorts were live on the website before following up, writing: "Dang, we broke the website."

The description of the short on the Tesla site reads: "Celebrate summer with Tesla Short Shorts. Run like the wind or entertain like Liberace with our red satin and gold trim design.

"Relax poolside or lounge indoors year-round with our limited-edition Tesla Short Shorts, featuring our signature Tesla logo in front with "S3XY" across the back. Enjoy exceptional comfort from the closing bell."


Replying to the tweets, one keen fan wrote: "Already sold out? Damn. People have money for some reason."

Another added: "Dang, got excited to squeeze cheeks into these, when can we expect a restock?"

A third commented: "Got mine, Sexytown USA here I come!! Please include a flamethrower?"

Musk hit the headlines recently when he posed up for a picture with his pal Kanye West.

In the photo Musk can be seen wearing a black ensemble, with a little orange on the chest of his t-shirt, while West has opted for a more colourful get-up in black trousers, printed t-shirt and a jacket so orange my eyes can't fully register it.

Days after the picture was posted, Kanye announced that he would be running for US president and he already has Musk's 'full support'.

Well, with Musk as a potential run mate and Kim looking after his social media channels, I think Biden and Trump need to watch out.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Tesla

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