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Tony Hawk Helps His Daughter Overcome Her Skateboarding Fear

Tony Hawk Helps His Daughter Overcome Her Skateboarding Fear

And she handles it like a boss

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

If you wanted to learn how to act, you'd probably take some tips from Rami Malek, with the way things are going for him at the moment, while if you wanted insider info on how to pull off a waistcoat, you'd most likely recruit the help of Gareth Southgate following his World Cup performance.

If you wanted to crack a skateboarding drop-in, however, you'd definitely give Tony Hawk a quick buzz.

This is what his daughter Kadence did recently - and in turn she overcame her fear, all with the help and persistence of her old man.

In an Instagram post, the skateboarding legend said: "My daughter overcoming her fear in real time (wait for it). I might have been more nervous than she was."

We hope that the loud bangs at the end of the clip are just stomps of encouragement, because otherwise she might never get on a board again, but it is infectious to hear everyone's delight at her triumph.

Tony Hawk posted the video of his daughter overcoming her fear.

The 57-second clip shows the youngster on the edge of a half-pipe kitted out with her knee pads and helmet. Hawk can be heard advising her to 'lean forward'.

He adds: "Don't lean towards me, go straight. That's the key - don't come toward me, go that way."

He proceeds to hold her hand while she steadies herself on the board before telling her once more to lean forward and off she goes like a true champ.

The World's Number one skateboarder Tony Hawk signs autographs for fans.

Comments have flooded in from fans who watched the video, and many have commented on Hawk's fathering techniques - all positive, of course.

One said: "I think that was a bigger moment for you as a dad then for you as a pro skater." Another added: "Awesome job. I reckon that has to be the most nervous & daunting thing you will ever do, dropping in on a ramp for the first time!"

A third commented: "You're so patient. She's going to do great things with you as her guru."

Others were able to share their own stories of their first time, with one writing: "I was just as scared the first time. However no one told me to go straight so I fell back and busted my lip open on the ramp."

So, basically we've all had a free lesson from the legend himself. Remember, 'go straight, that's the key'. Noted.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/tonyhawk

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