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Top Gear Staff Were Apparently 'Celebrating' When Chris Evans Resigned

Top Gear Staff Were Apparently 'Celebrating' When Chris Evans Resigned

Chris Evans sensationally quit yesterday after just one year as the lead host of Top Gear. Children were crying, thousands of viewers promised to never watch the program ever again and hysterical teenagers updated their statuses on various social media platforms, insisting that 'no-one ask them what's wrong'.

Or... the whole of Britain breathed a collective sigh of relief while uttering 'thank fuck for that'.


Apparently, Top Gear staff were also pretty happy with his decision. A source told the Sun: "Chris is gone - everyone here is celebrating.

"It's been a disaster. But Matt [LeBlanc] is going to get the big job on his own.

"There are already active negotiations and he's almost certain to sign now that he doesn't have to work with Chris.

"The plan is that Chris won't be replaced but Matt will become the star presenter, surrounded by the existing team to support him.

"The show is about more than one person."


Evans announced his resignation via the very modern medium of Twitter.

Not one to let sleeping dogs lie, he also made a reference to the resignation on his Radio 2 show this morning.

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He said: "Today's show is dedicated to all of the Top Gear gang, and today's show is entitled: Breathe In Breathe Out, Move On."

Judging by that comment, it's probably safe to assume that he wants them to stay calm... but if the aforementioned source is anything to go by, they're anything but worried.

The resignation came just one day after it was revealed that the 50-year-old presenter will be quizzed over historical sexual assault allegations.

According to The Sun, Evans will be questioned by London's Metropolitan Police in the next few days over a complaint which was made by a former colleague. The complainant is thought to have worked with him on Channel 4's The Big Breakfast.

A separate allegation has also been made by a woman who claims that the star 'flashed her every day for two years' when they worked together in the 1990s.

In a statement, a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "An allegation of non-recent sexual assault was made to police on May 23.

"The allegation was made by a woman against a man, and relates to incidents in Tower Hamlets in the 1990s."

"There have been no arrests and no person has been interviewed under caution."

We'll just have to see how this plays out for him.

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