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Twitter User Has A Conspiracy Theory That Explains What Kanye Is Up To

Rebecca Shepherd

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Twitter User Has A Conspiracy Theory That Explains What Kanye Is Up To

You're probably best to sit down for this one because it's going to take a lot of concentration, at least it did for us anyway, because it seems someone has figured out the reason behind Kanye's bizarre behaviour at the moment.

We've seen him chat about slavery being a 'choice', which caused uproar with fans and fellow celebrities and we've also watched him and Trump become some sort of BFF's. His Twitter is all mysterious recently and we're trying to get out head around it all.

One Twitter user has helped in this quest (or potentially hindered - we're not sure just yet).



Twitter user @Snowcone965 came up with the conspiracy theory and it's preeetty long winded to say the least. It runs over more than 24 tweets put it that way.

But the general sense of it is that Kanye's behaviour - that we've seen all too much of recently - has come about because he's in the middle of a performance art piece. Yes, really.

Bear with though, it might not be as daft as it initially sounds.


So, the original tweet from Spencer Wolff, reads: "Get your tinfoil hats and red string, I've got a conspiracy theory: is in the middle of a performance art piece and the clues are right in front of us. A thread:"

So he get's us hooked and then we just read on from here.


Tremaine Emory is a pal of Yeezy, he's spoken about him in interviews and he was apparently around his table in his 'tomb-like' mansion days ago for a 'meeting'.

Swiftly moving on, Kanye tweeted some pictures after rejoining Twitter. They include artist David Hammons and performance artist, Joseph Beuys.

The pictures of Joseph Beuys was from an art installation he did in 1974 called 'I Like America and America Likes Me', where he locked himself into a room with a coyote for three days.


Apparently, the purpose was to hopefully make the coyote 'tolerant and accepting through Beuys' desire to heal'. You still with us?

Wolff believes that Kanye is doing a modern take on Beuys' piece with the coyote. Wolff said: "He's embraced what might be considered the coyote of today. Gotten close to it. Trump, Candace Owens, Alt Right. Maybe he sees this as a better chance to 'tame' the coyote than more traditional methods."

Andy Kaufman was an American performance artist who would put himself in uncomfortable situations in wide view of the public eye.


Apparently, the symbol used by Tremaine represents the MAGA hat, a symbol of perceived racism.

We can just about see the light at the end of the tunnel here. Wolff says: "So my theory is this: Kanye (most likely with help from Tremaine and/or others) is in the middle of a performance art piece. What is the overall goal of it? Idk. Maybe holding a mirror up to the world and forcing us to talk about some things. Maybe the album will explain."

He adds: "Or I could be completely wrong and looking way too much into this. But I don't think I am. Is it such a stretch to think one of the greatest artists of our time (imo) who has had a hand in music, shoes, real estate, fashion, etc, would try his hand in performance art?"

Probably not.

Wolff also said: "Maybe most importantly he [Kanye] said 'I know I disappointed the black community when I wore the hat, but like I just told J Cole on the phone ITS A BIGGER PLAN and I'm just doing what the universe told me'. As I said, Kanye is doing a modern take on I Like America and America Likes Me."

Whatever you say, Spencer, whatever you say. But I think we owe you a round of applause.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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Rebecca Shepherd
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