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Unlikely Celebrities Who Claim To Have Slept With A Mad Amount Of Women

Unlikely Celebrities Who Claim To Have Slept With A Mad Amount Of Women

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel joked that Leonardo DiCaprio had slept with 9,000 Victoria's Secret models. That's a model a day for roughly 25 years, in case you're wondering.

He probably hasn't, but he might have done. Whatever, the number is large. Leo is a notorious ladies man, and even if it's not 9,000, we reckon his number is pretty high.

On that note, we're going to explore other notorious shaggers. But more importantly notorious shaggers who you wouldn't expect to be giving the D out like it's a free pamphlet.

Here are a few celebrities who claim they've bedded more woman than their lovely personalities would suggest.



When the man isn't making squillions of dollars off of glorified karaoke contests, he's sleeping with women. A lot of women.

Various reports say Cowell has had sex with over 2,000 women, largely during his 'good times' in the 80s and 90s. Nineties kids will understand.


Quite how? I don't know, but I guess being incredibly rich and in the music biz helps.


Being a dictator, Castro allegedly fucked his way to 35,000 women in a Game Of Thrones-esque manner.


There's a quote that's often attributed to an unnamed Castro official: "He slept with at least two women a day for more than four decades - one for lunch and one for supper."

Was Castro's dictatorial dick ground to a nub after ploughing his way through half of Cuba? I don't want think about it.



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Drunk Man Caught 'Trying To Have Sex With A Traffic Cone'

Drunk Man Caught 'Trying To Have Sex With A Traffic Cone'

Tiger Woods cheated on his wife and blamed it on sex addiction. Everyone knows that.

According to The Mirror, though, Woods bedded around 120 women during his marriage.

Tiger: Great at finding the hole on AND off see where this is going.



John Mayer is a famous guitar player who sings songs that American soccer moms listen to.

It's not the number that's surprising here, it's the names. He's literally slept with every celebrity you've ever fancied.

According to Man Cave, he's done the dirty with, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and more. Sadly it appears that even in the upper echelons of fame, girls still think weepy men with guitars are attractive.


Professional actor and accidental Jesus Navas look-a-like Dean Gaffney is said to have drilled his way around the East End in the 90s.

His brother reports that Dean's slept with at least a 1,000 people. A couple of years ago, he supposedly spent an entire summer in Ibiza with a male porn star while having sex with as many women as possible.

"Women were my drug and now, looking back, I'm ashamed of my past," Dean once said. This was before he went to the party island though, so he obviously didn't take his own advice.

It's really amazing. I never thought 'I've done a Bushtucker trial' would be a good chat-up line.


mick hucknall
mick hucknall

In a 2014 interview with The Telegraph, Mick Hucknall, frontman of Simply Red, said he'd probably "slept with over 1,000 women."

Excuse me for a moment. There's an open window in the office and I need to go jump out of it.

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