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​We All Know Bryan Cranston Is A Legend And He Has Gone To A New Level

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​We All Know Bryan Cranston Is A Legend And He Has Gone To A New Level

Bryan Cranston not only has a damn good beard, but he is also one of the great actors of our time. In my humble opinion, he may just be the greatest American actor alive. He's so intense - it's either terrifying or hilarious. He's absolutely brilliant.

And Bryan has now proved the above once again, James Corden roped BC to act in the Kanye West lyric spoof The Bold and The Beautiful on his show The Late Late Show With James Corden. It's no surprise that Bryan acts James, Jessica Biel, Giovanni Ribisi out of the park. Bryan is hilarious - he even refers to Kanye West as Kanway West.

When he turns to the camera for a dreamy monologue of Kanye lyrics from All Fall Down he truly shows off his acting chops. He makes it sound both deep and ridiculous.

"She's so self conscious. That major she majored in don't make no money, but she won't drop out, her parents look at her funny," he said, worldweary. "Now tell me that ain't insecurrr," he continues, drinking from a hip flask.


Then he declares Jessica: "A trifling friend indeed, oh, she's a gold digger."

Bryan, James and Giovanni end it with a fist pump and yelling "We want a prenup!" - trying to get in on a little Cranston magic, but they're nothing compared to him.

In fact, Cranston is a god and we reckon these are his top moments of brilliance.


Roller Disco Cranston

I have loved Bryan ever since he played Hal on Malcolm in the Middle - who hasn't? He was the Malcolm's dad and stole the show every time with his wackiness. Sidenote - whatever happened to Frankie Muniz? Maybe he just looked at Bryan and thought, 'Nope, never going to be that good'.

Here he is showing Malcolm how to rollerskate and I think you'll agree he deserves an Emmy just for this scene.


The Hello Carol Moment

Of course I have to mention Breaking Bad.

Walter White was his big breakout role that brought him a lot of awards and recognition but I like to think Bryan doesn't do it for the money - he does it for the art. The show was about a mild-mannered chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer and wants to secure his family's future, so of course he turns to making meth. As you do. Walter starts off as a pillar of the community and ends up the biggest drug dealer in town and a murderer to boot - Bryan kills it.


His performance as Walter White is scary as hell and so nuanced that all he has to do is say hello and people drop everything that they're holding.

I Am The Danger Moment

Another Walter White moment - there's too many to choose from. Skylar realises that her husband has changed and he has become dangerous.


"I am the one who knocks!"

Bryan's Super Sweet 60

"This is my time to shine bright like a diamond!" shouts Bryan, wearing dog pyjamas in the house of his parents. Watching Bryan act like an annoyingly spoilt 15-year-old organising his Super Sweet 60th is amazing.

Words by Laura Hamilton

Featured Image Credit: PA Images

Topics: Bryan Cranston, TV

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