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​Whatever Happened To Elijah Wood? A Lot, As It Turns Out

​Whatever Happened To Elijah Wood? A Lot, As It Turns Out

After taking off his Frodo cape, he seemed to fade into oblivion. But he’s always been there, you just might not have spotted.



There was a point during the early Noughties where Elijah Wood was everywhere.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy was at the peak of its popularity and films like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Green Street had made him one of the most recognisable stars in the business.

But then, suddenly, like his character in LOTR, Frodo, it was as if he sailed away to a mysterious land and was never heard from again.

Whilst it's likely that those films alone mean he doesn't have to work again if he chooses, you'd still assume that there would be stuff that he would still want to achieve.

Well, you'd be right.

As it turns out, he has been keeping himself busy these years on a variety of other - non-hobbit-related - things.

Let's begin with Frodo, though. Since hanging up his hairy feet he has found it difficult to shake off the title.

That's why he has tried to play roles that are completely different to the hobbit.


In 2013, he told The Independent: "I accepted a long time ago that Frodo would be a part of my life forever.

"It's been eight years since the last Lord of the Rings movie came out - almost nine.

"To me, I've been working on characters that are completely different for a long time. But I guess in terms of popular reference... a lot of people consider me to be that character predominantly"

He has played a silent cannibal in Sin City, a really creepy serial killer in Maniac, and has taken roles in more independent flicks to shake off the 'Frodo' label.

There have also been a load of voice acting jobs, too. He was famously the voice of 'Mumble' in Happy Feet as well as being the voice of Spyro - the video game dragon - three times.

Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood

Credit: PA

Then there is his music career. He is now an internationally successful DJ and owns his own record label - Simian Records.

And, no, his name is not DJ Frodo. Don't even ask.

Outside of his work in film and music, he is also a bit of a good guy. He does a lot of good work for charity.

He is heavily involved with a charity called The Art of Elysium which helps sick children link up with their favourite celebrities. He also went to Chile after the devastating earthquake in 2010 to help rescue animals. What a LAD.

Back on the screen, he recently starred in a second series of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency on Netflix - so he's been keeping himself busy.

To most people, he's still Frodo.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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