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Youtuber KSI Hits Back At The Pauls Saying He Will Only Fight Jake

Stewart Perrie

| Last updated 

Youtuber KSI Hits Back At The Pauls Saying He Will Only Fight Jake

Featured Image Credit: KSI/YouTube

The ball is now back in the court of Jake and Logan Paul after fellow YouTuber KSI refused to fight their dad. Yes, this feud between the social media stars is still going and it doesn't look like it's slowing down.

If you've been living under a Paul/KSI related rock, let me bring you up to speed.

When KSI, real name Olajide William Olatunji, beat Joe Weller in a boxing match viewed by millions, he called out the America brothers in his victory speech, saying: "If any YouTuber wants it they can come and get it. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls - I don't care. Bring it."

That set off an unfortunate chain reaction where Logan and Jake got all fired up at the call out and instead of fronting up to the challenge, they suggested KSI fight their dad instead.

Well, the UK YouTuber has released his own video and turned up the heat a bit.

In the clip, the 24-year-old said: "I'm sorry, but I'm not going to fight your creepy, Vin Diesel on crack looking ass dad. Instead of making your dad want to fight me, you should make him go back to kissing blindfolded girls - he's good at that isn't he."

He then shows what appears to be footage from one of Jake or Logan's vlogs where their dad kisses unassuming women who are indeed blindfolded.

KSI also called out Logan for 'causal racism' when they were going to meet at the Super Bowl and the 22-year-old kept texting pictures of random African Americans to him saying, 'I think I see you'.

Jake Paul, in his reply video, found it funny that KSI wore a head guard in his fight against Weller, but the Watford-born social media star dug up footage of Paul boxing in 2006 with, yep you guessed it, a head guard.

KSI ramps up the beef by saying: "Jake, Logan, in all honesty you're both scared. Jake, everyone already knows, in a boxing match, I would beat the shit out of you.

"And then I'd watch Logan clickbait your unconscious body just for views.

"So come show me, motherfucker. Me versus you Jake Paul. In a boxing match.

"My belt will be on the line, our pride will be on the line, our dignity will be on the line, relevancy will be on the line, since you give so much of a shit about that.

"We'll see who the better man is. We'll see who the real savage is.

"And then after I slap up your brother, you will be next Logan. And I'll fly over to your country and I'll do the exact same thing to you."

He gave the Pauls an ultimatum: fight him or admit they're 'pussies'.

Topics: Entertainment, Logan Paul, Celebrity, KSI, Jake Paul, Social Media, youtuber

Stewart Perrie
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