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Chrishell Stause Says People Who Don't Date Shorter Men Are 'Missing Out'

Chrishell Stause Says People Who Don't Date Shorter Men Are 'Missing Out'

The Selling Sunset star can't believe it's still a thing

Chrishell Stause says women who choose not to date men who are shorter than them are 'missing out'.

The Selling Sunset star hit out at those who think a man needs to be taller than them are just wrong.

Speaking to TMZ, the 40-year-old couldn't believe that it was even still a thing.

She told the outlet: "What year are we in now? How old are we? Who cares? It’s more about what’s inside.


"It’s about how they treat you and if you guys have chemistry, I think the height thing is overdone."

And when asked what she'd say to people who refused to date men who were shorter than them, Chrishell said it's a pity.

She said: "That’s their prerogative, but they’re missing out."

Chrishell is currently dating her boss Jason Oppenheim, who, along with his identical twin brother, is co-founder of the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles.

The pair revealed they were an item in a post to Chrishell's Instagram account earlier this year.

The two shared photos of them getting close on a boat, which all but confirmed they were together.

Chrishell Stause says women who don't date shorter men are 'missing out'.

Chrishell and Jason were with a few of the Selling Sunset team in Italy's dreamy Capri, where they were seen soaking up the sunshine and warm ocean water.

Selling Sunset stars have commented on the photo collage confirming the office romance. 

Brett, who is Jason's brother, wrote: "Love you Chrishell. Thank you for making my brother happy."

Real estate agent Mary Fitzgerald added: "Nothing makes me more excited than to see two of my closest friends together and making each other so happy!"

Co-star Amanza Smith said: "Love you both! So happy it's out!! Ahhhh we can all just be normal now! Happy!!!! Makes me sooooo happy for you both!!

Mary's husband Romain commented with: "So happy for you guys! Finally people will stop with Jason and Mary hopefully."

But the reality star isn't the only one to broach the subject of the height difference between a man and a woman.

Tom Holland is reportedly dating his Spider-Man co-star Zendaya - and it's been raised a number of times that she is a couple of inches taller than him.

They both appeared on SiriusXM radio to promote Spider-Man: No Way Home and host Jessica Shaw pointed out how their two-inch height difference is obvious during one scene in particular. 

Tom Holland with co-star and girlfriend, Zendaya.

She said: "Zendaya. I wanted to ask. And actually, and Tom, I wanted to ask you guys because in the first, in, in Far From Home when MJ and Peter kiss and Zendaya, you're taller than Tom and it became this, this thing."

Holland took the question and said two inches really isn't that much of a difference and finds it strange when people ask whether it was difficult to do a kissing scene. 

The British star added their height difference doesn't affect them personally and finds the assumption that men should be taller than their female partners 'ridiculous'.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram

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