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Doctor Reveals The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Turning The Heating Off At Night

Doctor Reveals The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Turning The Heating Off At Night

TikTok star Dr Karan Rajan has revealed the health benefits of keeping the heating off at night.

A doctor has revealed the unexpected health benefits of turning off the heating overnight as we sleep. Take a look below:

Now, as we start to feel our little toes freezing off in these cold winter nights, we are faced with the age-old dilemma of whether or not to keep the heating on when we go to sleep.  

During this debate, people typically fall into one of 2 camps:  

A - you’re either slightly tempted despite the soaring prices as the temptation of being cosy is just too much to handle. Or  

B - you'd prefer to power through like the trooper you are, sleep in the dressing gown your nan got you 5 Christmases ago and save money after the tight few years we’ve all had.  

This article is for camp B: for the scrimpers, the savers and anyone else who just needs another excuse to save a few quid.  

And the good news for this team is that science is here to back you up.  

Dr Karan Rajan, best known as @dr.karanr on TikTok, has revealed in a short video to his 4.4 million followers the reasons why it is important to keep the heating off at night.  

He firstly states that turning the heating off can actually “reverse ageing”. Yes, you heard me correctly.  


Apparently, sleeping without the heating on promotes melatonin, a hormone which not only increases sleep propensity but promotes anti-ageing.

It does this by reducing 'oxidative stress damage and the levels of cortisol'.

This in turn, 'reduces systemic inflammation and it's free!'.

More sleep and less wrinkles? Sign me up.  

Dr Rajan, who is a lecturer at Sunderland University as well as being TikTok famous, then goes onto say that “the cold helps with insomnia.” 

Science tells us that “our body’s core temperature needs to drop to initiate sleep.” 

“So, a cooler temperature gets you closer to the target sleep temperature of your body, so you fall asleep a lot faster. 

“More cold equals more dreams. Warmer temperature means your brain and body are more active in trying to cool you down.” 


A cold room may also 'improve your metabolic health'.

The NHS surgeon revealed that 'there is research to suggest that cold exposure can increase the amount of brown fat produced by stem cells'.

This 'brown fat helps to regulated cholesterol, blood glucose and improves insulin sensitivity'.

So, if you needed another excuse to turn down the heating at night, you can appeal to everyone’s good friend - science! 

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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