Pubs And Venues May Turn Away Those Without Covid Vaccine Proof, Minister Says
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A Face/Off Reboot Is In The Works

A Face/Off Reboot Is In The Works

One of Hollywood's most ridiculous plots is reportedly getting the reboot treatment.

Deadline says Paramount Pictures is keen to update the incredible and outrageous Face/Off, which starred Nicolas Cage and John Travolta.

Just to give you a rough outline of just how farfetched this movie was when it premiered in 1997, it's all about how FBI Special Agent Sean Archer (Travolta) essentially underwent a face and voice transplant to become freelance terrorist and homicidal sociopath Castor Troy (Cage) in order to go undercover.


As Archer tries to find out where a bomb is located in a city by pretending to be Troy, Troy wakes up from a coma and undergoes his own high-experimental face and voice transplant to become Archer.

As Travolta's character delves deeper into the terrorist underground, Cage's on-screen persona gets into bed metaphorically and literally's with his opponent's family.

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Image result for Face/Off gifsImage result for Face/Off gifs

If that doesn't raise an eyebrow or two, then you really enjoy fantasy films then. We can all suspend believe for a bit, but the way they did it in this movie really stretched it.


To be fair, what was impressive about the film was Cage and Travolta's abilities to take on the other's mannerisms.

Well, now that technology has certainly ramped up since 1997, it seems like Paramount Pictures wants to capitalise on more believing audiences.

The movie will be rebooted but Cage and Travolta won't be involved and the studio will instead opt for a new cast.

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