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Aerial Footage Shows New Star Wars Theme Park At Walt Disney World

Aerial Footage Shows New Star Wars Theme Park At Walt Disney World

Ahead of the grand opening on 29 August, new aerial footage has provided an even better view inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge



There's not long to go until the hotly anticipated new Walt Disney World attraction, dedicated to one of the world's best loved movie franchises.

In a bid to get people hyped for the grand opening on 29 August, aerial footage has been released to give fans an even better view inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Star Wars fan or not, this place looks pretty damn amazing. The clip scans the 14-acre area, transporting us into the planet Batuu before showing the scale replica of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo's famous spacecraft.

We also catch a glimpse of other smaller spacecraft, as well as a busy market place within the Star Wars themed landscape.

The village itself has been built at Disney's flagship amusement park in Orlando, Florida, and is said to be one of the largest and most immersive parks Disney has to offer.

As well as giving fans an idea of the true scale of Solo's Millennium Falcon, there's also the chance to climb into the cockpit of the legendary ship as part of one of the site's two main attractions, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Stars Wars: Galaxy's Edge is set to become one of Disney's most immersive parks.
Disney Parks

Riders will be given one of three roles: pilots, gunners and flight engineers. You're then handed the responsibility of working with your fellow passengers to smuggle goods and avoid any trouble along the way.

But it's the second ride, Rise of the Resistance, that's really got people hyped. Set to open in December and taking place on a full-size starship, guests become part of the Resistance as they're captured by the First Order. Guests will have to escape a Star Destroyer in what is described as one of the most epic and elaborate rides in the history of Disneyland.

Visitors at Galaxy's Edge can even sample The Last Jedi's green milk. Yum...?
Disney Parks

This is a fully immersive experience, meaning even the food and drink is out of this world. Visitors can grab lunch at one of the many restaurants serving dishes like Smoked Kaadu Ribs and Braised Shaak Roast. You can even sample some of the green milk Luke Skywalker infamously slurped in The Last Jedi.

With just a couple of weeks until the opening, this is definitely one to add to the bucket list for anyone who's had dreams of becoming a Jedi knight.

And if Florida isn't your thing, there's an almost identical Star Wars land that opened in May at Disneyland in Anaheim, California - suddenly that galaxy doesn't seem so far, far away.

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