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Alec Baldwin Needs To Get A New Agent For His Trump Impersonation Money

Alec Baldwin Needs To Get A New Agent For His Trump Impersonation Money

Alec Baldwin has pretty much nailed his president-elect Donald Trump impression on the Saturday Night Live sketches.

You know it's spot-on by how much it pissed Trump off:


He said it takes just seven minutes in hair and makeup to get himself looking the part, but it was the hours Alec spent watching Trump rallies that really make the impression so good.

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Alec Baldwin Will End SNL Trump Impression If He Releases Tax Returns

Alec has been playing Trump since October and, according to the New York Times, he's happy to carry on playing him (and winding him up) for the foreseeable future, albeit 'intermittently' while he works on other acting jobs.


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He also revealed that he earns just $1,400 (£1,135) for each appearance, so that explains why he needs to work on other acting jobs.

Am I the only one who was expecting it to be a lot more? Alec Baldwin is a bit of a bargain, isn't he?

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