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Americans Discovered Mr Blobby And Were Really Freaked Out By Him

Americans Discovered Mr Blobby And Were Really Freaked Out By Him

You can't blame them.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

For some reason, Mr Blobby was a beloved character for a lot of us when we were kids. It's weird because if you look at him now it's actually outrageous that something that odd was allowed near kids.

Whether you love him or are completely scared of him due to the fact he's the weirdest dude ever (I'm definitely the latter), you'd have to admit that despite his success he's just a bit of a creep.

That's exactly why Americans found it so weird when watching Blobby for the first time.

Reddit user Soren_Aabye uncovered a clip of Mr Blobby appearing on the 1990s special of Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and shared their bemusement and amazement of the big pink freak.

Fellow Americans joined in to share their thoughts on Mr Blobby.

"I feel like I just took acid."

"I fucking love the line "your influence will spread throughout the land" and I'm not quite sure why. It just seems so absurd to sing about Mr Blobby's philosophy of life."

"That was absolutely terrifying. I missed the aka The BLOOBY WITCH Project part of the title. Mr. Blobby is gonna fuckin haunt my dreams."

"More importantly, what the fuck is he?"

"I nearly died of laughter when I watched this quiz and I also had no idea who Mr Blobby was."

"Kill it with fire!"

"He looks like silly putty fucked a Dalek. And someone poured in barrel of terrifying and annoying."

"Had to shut it off. It was freaking out my cats."

These were just some of the comments left on the thread.

Let's be honest, if we all saw Blobby for the first time now we'd want to kill it with fire.

Words by Mark McGowan

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