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Andy Samberg Posts Heart Warming Message After ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Got Renewed

Andy Samberg Posts Heart Warming Message After ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Got Renewed

If you haven't seen the awesome news this morning, Brooklyn Nine-Nine got picked up by NBC after the Fox Network cancelled it.

The cast and crew of the show, as well as the fans, have been on an emotional rollercoaster ever since rumours emerged that the cop comedy might be on the chopping block.

But it's been pulled out of the rubbish bin, dusted off, and confirmed for another 13 glorious episodes.


Andy Samberg, who is the star of the show, has posted a heartfelt message on social media, thanking fans for their undying support, which helped pull Nine-Nine back from the brink of death.

While 13 episodes is nearly half the normal length of a Nine-Nine season, it's still better than nothing. There's no word on whether it's a preliminary order or whether it just provides the writers a platform to wrap up the show nicely.

NBC chairman Robert Greenblatt has released a statement saying: "Ever since we sold this show to Fox I've regretted letting it get away, and it's high time it came back to its rightful home.

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"Mike Schur, Dan Goor, and Andy Samberg grew up on NBC and we're all thrilled that one of the smartest, funniest, and best cast comedies in a long time will take its place in our comedy line-up. I speak for everyone at NBC, here's to the Nine-Nine!"

Joe Lo Truglio, who plays Detective Charles Boyle, also wrote on social media: "It's NINE o'clock and the NINE NINE is now on NBC.We are so grateful for our fans. THANK YOU. You made this happen. And we're excited about this amazing new chapter for Brooklyn Nine-Nine."

While Nine-Nine creator Dan Goor added: "Hey everyone, just wanted to say no big deal but....NBC JUST PICKED #BROOKLYN99 UP FOR SEASON 6!!! Thanks in no small part to you, the best fans in the history of the world! Nine-Nine!!!!!!!!!"


Hopefully the fans rally around this sixth season enough to keep the show going for as long as necessary.

NBC was up against some stiff competition with the likes of Hulu and Netflix, as those streaming services were pretty keen on picking it up.

This is the second time the network has come to the rescue in as many years. It cancelled Timeless last year, prompting a huge out crying of anger on social media and then they quickly reversed the decision.

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