Huge Snake Wraps Itself Around Holly Willoughby's Leg Live On Air

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Huge Snake Wraps Itself Around Holly Willoughby's Leg Live On Air

Even out of the jungle, it seems you're not safe from the threat of giant snakes. Not if you're Holly Willoughby, anyway. One tried to wrap itself around her leg on This Morning. Watch the moment unfold here:

Credit: ITV / This Morning

The 36-year-old presenter was holding a giant snake along with co-host Phillip Schofield for a segment about the new season of I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!, which began on Sunday night.


But as they were holding the large, legless reptile, it began coiling its tail around her left leg. This freaked her out just a little bit. And fair enough, too!

While her co-star was speaking, she started shrieking as the snake wrapped itself around her leg, lifting up her skirt to try to find it.

What began as a piss take for the presenter soon caused her to visibly panic about what was happening.


"I don't know what to do," she gasped. Phillip couldn't do much to help given that he had the snake's front end around his neck and shoulders.

"Just let it happen," said Phillip. "Just let it happen." Which is probably a lot easier to say in his position, even if the snake's face was right by his own.

That said, he still remained calm, even though her panicking could potentially affect the snake's mood.


"You are affecting my end as well," said Phillip as Holly bent over in an attempt to move it out from under her skirt.

Eventually, someone from backstage - presumably one of the snake's handlers, came and unwound its tail from her leg, after Holly asked for them to get it off.

"No, don't help her!" joked Phillip. Thankfully they didn't listen and Holly was free. But by then it was too late - Holly was too creeped out to keep on holding it.


"Let's give it back," she said as Phillip laughed. "Let's just give it back!"

In the end, people watching from backstage had to rush on set to remove the snake as Holly continued to panic.

"We were being so cool with it," she said once the beast had been removed.

"Well, I was," added Phillip cheekily. Still, we bet if the roles had been reversed he might not have played it so cool...

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