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Are These The Saddest Moments In Cartoon History?

Are These The Saddest Moments In Cartoon History?

The sign of a brilliant cartoon is when it can make you laugh as well as cry. Some cartoons will never be able to find this balance.

Over the last couple of decades, cartoons have certainly taken a step in this direction. It looks as though they have realised that it's not just children who watch these colourful, animated characters. Many of us feel a real connection and even see a bit of ourselves in them. If you have a fanbase of millions, it's probably worth teaching a few lessons and trying to instill some kind of morals into the entertainment.


And it works.

If you ask fans what their favourite episode of a certain cartoon is, they will often say that it's the 'feelsy' one.

So let's take a look at some of the saddest moments ever.

Futurama - Jurassic Bark - Episode 7 Season 4

If you haven't seen this episode, I suggest you go watch it before I tell you what happens. Fry finds a fossil version of his old dog, Seymour. Professor Farnsworth concludes that he will be able to take a DNA sample and bring the dog back to life. However, just as they are about to undertake the procedure, Fry finds out that Seymour died at the ripe old age of 15 - 12 years after Fry was cryogenically frozen. Fry stops the machine as he realises that Seymour lived a long life, presumably with a new owner.


Then, a flashback takes place. It shows that Seymour waited every day outside Panucci's Pizza shop where Fry worked until he died. The one thing that would've made him happier than anything would have been reuniting with Fry, but he will never know.

Family Guy - Brian & Stewie - Episode 17 Season 8

Brian and Stewie head over to Brian's bank vault. They begin to argue, and the door locks behind them. They're stuck. A lot of weird stuff happens (including Brian eating Stewie's crap and them getting drunk) but at one point, Stewie questions why Brian has a gun in his safety deposit box. Brian admits that it's in case he ever wants to commit suicide. The alcohol that they had got drunk on was to be his last drink. Stewie explains that Brian is his only friend, and that he gives his life purpose. The next morning, the vault opens and Brian carries Stewie out and into the daylight.

The Simpsons - Mother Simpson - Episode 8 Season 7

Just that image breaks my heart. In this episode, Homer fakes his own death to get out of work. He then reunites with his mother, Mona, who he thought died 27 years previously. It turns out that she's been on the run. Sadly, the police track her down and she's forced to leave him once again. They say goodbye, and Homer sits on his car and watches the stars.

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American Dad - The American Dad After School Special - Episode 2 Season 3

In this episode, Stan finds out that his son, Steve, is going out with an overweight girl named Debbie. He is outraged that she is fat. His wife, Francine, and his daughter, Hayley, have a go at him as he himself is slightly overweight. When he realises that they are right, he starts obsessing over his weight. He even enlists the help of a verbally abusive personal trainer called Zack.

As time goes on, he gets fatter and fatter. He doesn't understand, as he is eating less and doing more exercise.

Eventually, the CIA suspend him due to his 'weight problem'. He suspects Francine and Hayley are injecting his vegetables with lard to make him fatter. The audience then sees Stan for what he really is, he is horrendously thin. He saw himself as getting fatter (as did the audience) but really, he has developed anorexia. He attends an anorexia group.

He overcomes his anorexia, and we find out that Zack, his personal trainer, was in fact a hallucination.

Adventure Time - I Remember You - Episode 25 Season 4

Throughout the series, you know that the Ice King is an unusual character. However, this episode really goes into his back story. In the episode, Marceline (the Vampire Queen) is visited by the Ice King who asks for help with a song to attract princesses.

She begrudgingly agrees, and when she tells him that she likes him, he takes this as she has feelings for him and tries to kiss her. She confronts him, and asks if he really doesn't remember his past. She then calls him a different name - Simon. We find out that before he was the Ice King, Simon and Marceline knew each other. Simon had found a magic crown, but it started to transform his mind. He fears that he'll lose Marceline as he continues to lose his mind. He writes a note on the back of a photograph for her.

There is a flashback to the ruin city after the Mushroom War, and Marceline is standing alone in the wreckage. She's crying. Simon (who has not yet fully transformed) wipes away her tears.

Many people believe that this episode is indirectly addressing Alzheimer's disease.

So there you have it, the saddest moments in cartoon history. However, I'm sure there's a lot more that you lot can think of, comment them below.

Words by Mel Ramsay

Featured image credit: 20th Century Fox

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