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Snoop Dogg Narrates That Famous Iguana Vs Snake Scene From 'Planet Earth'

Stewart Perrie

| Last updated 

Snoop Dogg Narrates That Famous Iguana Vs Snake Scene From 'Planet Earth'

Everyone was talking about the infamous scene in the BBC's Planet Earth when a newly hatched iguana had to race across a beach to survive on the Galapagos Islands. The scene was so big that it won a BAFTA for the Best TV Moment of the Year.

Not only was the footage incredible, it was topped off with Sir David Attenborough's amazing narration. But that scene has now been remixed a tiny bit, thanks to TV host Jimmy Kimmel and rapper Snoop Dogg.

They teamed up to produce their own show called Plizzanet Earth. The plot is simple, give Snoop Dogg some nature footage to watch and let him hilariously narrate what's happening. Check out how the 'Drop it Like its Hot' singer takes on the best TV moment of 2016.

Credit: ABC / BBC

I love when he screams: "Get outta there man, go," as the snakes get closer to the frozen iguana.

Snoop has also covered otters vs crocs, tree frogs, cold-blooded seals and snow leopards. Despite many people loving the original BBC production, commenters on YouTube want this to be turned into an actual show.

One person says: "It's been 10 months and Animal Planet, National Geographic, and whomever still hasn't signed a contract with Snoop Dogg for a show."

While another user adds: "Snoop needs to do an official commentary on Planet Earth 2 as a bonus track. As much as I love Sir Attenborough narrating, sometimes I just want a good laugh. Snoop will entertain if nothing else."

Snakes and iguanas
Snakes and iguanas

Credit: BBC/Planet Earth 2

The scene was actually incredibly difficult to film.

Producer Liz White told Vulture: "There was a lot of scouting, with us going around and looking for where these hatchlings were coming out. You have no idea because the mother iguana laid its egg three months in advance.

"A lot of the time was spent standing at the top of the beach with a pair of binoculars just looking for teeny-weeny little black heads.

"But it was when the team came across what they dubbed 'the wall of death' that they saw the massive collection of snakes."

While everyone was rooting for the iguanas to survive, Liz explains that it's the snakes which actually have it worse off.

She added: "They're not hunting together. There's absolutely no pack hunting. Every single snake is out to get that meal for himself. We saw snakes bite other snakes. Literally, they are fighting each other to get that food."

Still though, we all wanted those damn snakes to stay away from those baby iguanas.

I think what everyone can take from this is that Snoop Dogg knows how to mash up entertainment and information. So, hopefully some TV executive will give that man a show of his own.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Planet Earth 2

Topics: Snoop Dogg, Planet Earth

Stewart Perrie
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