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‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Winner Lost Voice Guy Reveals How He’ll Spend His Cash Prize

‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Winner Lost Voice Guy Reveals How He’ll Spend His Cash Prize

Naturally, when Lee Ridley won the reality TV contest, people were absolutely bloody thrilled because he thoroughly deserved it. The funny man, who has cerebral palsy, has revealed what he's going to spend part of his £250,000 ($333,000) prize: a new voice.

Not an actual voice that he can use with his voice box, but one for his iPad.


Because of his condition, Lee has been unable to speak for 37 years and has only recently been able to use technology like the one on his Apple device to express his thoughts. But the 'voice' on his iPad is, well, a bit clinical and robotic.

So 'Lost Voice Guy' wants to get a more authentic voice.

Credit: Britain's Got Talent/ITV
Credit: Britain's Got Talent/ITV

When asked by the Sun on what he'll spend his earnings on, he said: "For a start, I'd get a Geordie accent for my iPad!


"I also think I'd like to help the people who got me to where I am. I have several support workers who help me get to all of my gigs.

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"So I'd like to reward them properly for all their hard work. My family have always supported me as well and, let's face it, doing stand-up comedy when you can't even speak is a pretty crazy dream, so I'd buy them all something nice too."

Not only does Lee get that hefty cash prize, but he'll also get the opportunity to appear at the Royal Variety Performance. The winner used to perform in front of the Queen but she probably can't be bothered seeing every winner year after year crack a few jokes, sing a song or do a dance.


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The Mirror says that because Lee was so successful during this year's series, Simon Cowell is even considering signing him up to his entertainment empire.

While Simon usually picks up the potential next-big-thing singers, sources say he's eyeing up a run for comedy.

Questions were being raised before the Britain's Got Talent final about whether Lee was going to be able to perform after he had a nasty fall the night before.

The Geordie took to Twitter to tell his fans about his mishap.


He wrote: "This is why Lost Balance Guy never made it onto BGT. Don't worry though, it was only a trip. I'll be match fit for the final on Sunday!"

And he absolutely killed it last night. Congrats!

Featured Image Credit: Britain's Got Talent/ITV

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