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Bradley Walsh Struggles To Contain Himself On The Chase

Bradley Walsh Struggles To Contain Himself On The Chase

Would The Chase be The Chase if Bradley Walsh wasn't losing it, though?

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Bradley Walsh - what a guy, eh? Does anyone else giggle at pretty much everything he does? Even if the thing he's chuckling about isn't actually that funny.

Actually, maybe it's just me who does that, because Roger - a contestant on The Chase - didn't think Bradders was particularly entertaining, that's for sure.

Walsh found himself in a fit of laughter, almost unable to ask the full question - which was, by the way: "19th century composer William Crotch was also famous as a player of what instrument?"

As you can see in the clip, the ITV presenter quite literally doubled over, struggling to list the three possible answers - which were oboe, bagpipes or organ.

Walsh didn't even get to the third option before both Mark 'The Beast' Labbett and Roger made their crucial choices.

Roger wasn't best pleased.
ITV/The Chase

But easily THE best thing about this entire scenario was Roger's reaction to the whole thing. He wasn't best pleased, let's put it that way.

Trying to regain his composure, Bradley cried: "That is absolutely priceless. Oh crikey, that's funny, eh Rog?"

But Rog wasn't too convinced as he responded with a polite smile: "Well, it's a little bit funny, yes."

Ah shit, that moment you make a joke and it's not reciprocated. It's just the worst, isn't it?

Bradley didn't get the response he was hoping for.
ITV/The Chase

Roger wasn't the only person that didn't find the question overly amusing - it turns out the Chaser wasn't exactly tickled by it either.

Mark Labbett sat on his throne shaking his head at Bradley's antics.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and there was some good news - Roger managed to get his question right by opting for the third answer: organ.

As expected, Bradley was still in fits and said: "Oh, Billy Crotch plays with his organ."

Mark Labbett didn't find the joke all that funny.
ITV/The Chase

The Chase viewers came through with the goods though because everyone found it a lot funnier than Mark and good ol' Rog did.

One said: "Still laughing Roger has no idea how funny he is..."

Another added: "Earth to Roger, are you there Roger?"

Someone else commented: "Guarantee this Roger on The Chase has burst a few kids footy's in his time." Harsh?

Anyway, Roger got through to the final chase; however he didn't add much to the last stage of questions and it all came down to his fellow contestant, Sue.

One viewer wrote: "Fuckn 17 and caught sue answering all the questions, Roger just standing there like a spare prick." Alright, rowdy.

Wonder if Rog finds it funny yet.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/The Chase

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