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Britain's Got Talent Judges Shocked By Theresa May Striptease Performance

Britain's Got Talent Judges Shocked By Theresa May Striptease Performance

Theresa has loosened up since announcing she's stepping down as PM

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Now, Britain's Got Talent isn't always the most controversial show on TV. It's often a bit silly and sometimes shocking, but an act on tonight's show is likely to cause a real stir.

Basically, it featured a stripper dressed up as Theresa May. Bear in mind that it has only been a day since she cried at the Downing Street lectern as she announced that she'll be stepping down.

The act is performed by 56-year-old yoga teacher Kath Thompson and sees her dressed up as the Prime Minister to perform the risqué dance routine that draws from May's own 'Maybot' dance moves.


The Maybot routine was spawned whilst the PM was on a trip to South Africa, she was shown performing some less than comfortable looking dance moves with a group of children.

Naturally, the internet ran wild with that and created hundreds and thousands of GIFs and memes out of it.

This performance - the striptease, that is - starts by showing Kath leaving 10 Downing Street wearing some rather fetching leopard print heels. She then arrives at the London Palladium, where the auditions are being held.


The routine features comedy as well as raunchy moves. Thompson wears a red jacket - very similar to one of Theresa's - and a grey wig.

Eventually, the dance concludes with Thompson wearing a cut-out one piece waving the flags of both the United Kingdom and the European Union.

If only Brexit were actually that amusing.


Judge David Walliams made a similar joke. He said: "It was one of the most fun things I've ever seen in my life. If this doesn't solve Brexit I don't know what will!"

Simon Cowell looked to be taken aback, to say the very least.

He added: "Unbelievable! The fact that you've come on and you've chosen our show it's amazing and I really appreciate that."

Alesha Dixon then said: "I've been so uncomfortable watching Theresa dance lately. When she was in Africa and she was doing [waves her arms]. It was brilliant!"


Well, perhaps Theresa will be watching and getting a couple of tips from the performance. After all, she's going to have a bit of extra time on her hands before long.

She announced yesterday that she is to leave the top job in UK politics in June. The race has now begun to choose her successor.

Whoever ends up living in 10 Downing Street, they've got a job on their hands.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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