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You Can Get A Free Holiday If You Take Part In A New TV Show About Benidorm

You Can Get A Free Holiday If You Take Part In A New TV Show About Benidorm

Applications are now open for a new Channel 5 series, which is being filmed in Benidorm this summer

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

Many of the world's most popular holiday destinations pride themselves in having something for everyone - a pleasant balance of art and culture, delicious scran and banging nightlife.

Spanish hotspot Benidorm, on the other hand, is different. It doesn't boast something for everyone, because it's either a place you hate or absolutely fucking love - and if you're not a fan, it's not a place that will cater for you. It's the Marmite of holiday destinations, and frankly, it's bloody proud of that.

A sports bar in Benidorm.

But if you're one of the world's many fun-loving, sun-seeking Benidorm lovers out there, we've got the perfect proposition to you.

A TV production company is looking for holidaymakers to take part in a brand new Channel 5 series this summer.

Title Role Productions wants to know how you do all-inclusive holidays - whether you're a veteran of such trips or completely new to them; whether you love or loathe them.

"Title Role Productions are looking for fun-loving holidaymakers to take part in a new Channel 5 series about all-inclusive holidays," the call-out says.

"So if you're a die-hard fan with the best tips and tricks, an all-inclusive virgin new to the game, or a have-a-go group desperate to try one, pack your suitcase and get in touch now!"

Just think of all the sun, sea and sangria.

It adds: "To apply you must be willing to be filmed for television, have a valid passport and be free to fly to Spain this summer! Filming will take place for up to 5-10 days from July 15 to August 16."

Details are fairly vague, but let's hope it'll involve lots of sun, sea and sangria.

To apply, all you have to do is fill out a pretty simple form, which asks for your basic information alongside details like if you'd be holidaying as a family or a group of friends, whether or not you've been on an all-inclusive trip before

Get the sangria in, LADs.

You'll also have to try and fight your case for your family or group of friends by explaining what a typical holiday is like for you, what your interests are and, perhaps most importantly, why you should be picked.

If they like the sound of you, a member of the Title Role team will be in touch to 'take your application further'.

Fill out the application form here to be in with your chance of living the Benidorm dream. On telly, that is.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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