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'Captain America's' The Winter Soldier Looks A Lot Like Luke Skywalker

'Captain America's' The Winter Soldier Looks A Lot Like Luke Skywalker


Matthew Cooper

Matthew Cooper

Is Luke Skywalker Rey's dad? Etc etc etc. The internet is awash with Star Wars rumours but one Instagrammer has found the truth.

The Winter Soldier from Captain America is actually Mark Hamill's son. Without the long hair, the miserable emo resting face and the metal arm, Sebastian Stan actually looks almost like a double of Luke Skywalker.

User Morphy_Me started with a photo of Mark Hamill (from around the time of A New Hope). Then, he Photoshopped Stan's face onto Hamill's hair and costume, and well you can see why people are so startled by this.

Someone even put the two photos side by side to make it even easier for you to go 'OMG they do look similar!'

What does this mean? Will we get a Luke Skywalker Star Wars spin-off? Disney are pretty set on turning every possible Star Wars plotline into a movie at the moment so I wouldn't bet against it.

Or maybe it just means that two people look kind of the same.

Words by Matthew Cooper

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