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Guy Holding 'McLovin' Poster Has No Idea He's Stood Next To The Real Deal

Guy Holding 'McLovin' Poster Has No Idea He's Stood Next To The Real Deal

In a world where it's cool to look like a celebrity, you may not actually realise that a real one has crossed your path.

For one man, at the Electric Forest festival, it took a while for him to realise that he was stood next to the real McLovin.


Christopher Mintz-Plasse, famed for playing McLovin in Superbad, was at the festival when he noticed a man holding up a large-scale driving license, on the end of a stick, like the one from the movie.

Festivals are known for people bringing some strange flags and banners. This one at Glastonbury was an absolute corker.


Upon noticing the driving-license banner, Chris rushed over to stand next to, and dance with, the fan.

For quite some time the man is completely oblivious as to who he is stood next to.

The pair have a little dance together, chilling to the beat, and the man with the banner even looks at McLovin in the eyes. Still nothing.

Credit: Sydney Badik / YouTube

The pair even engage in conversation for a few seconds, with the man almost nodding his head in politeness.

Eventually, the penny drops! And the moment is a beautiful one, as they embrace.

To be fair to the bloke, Superbad is ten years old, and Christopher has changed a fair bit since then. For a start, he's grown facial hair.

That, plus the fact he's in the middle of a wood, at a festival in Michigan, probably having consumed some substance, and so the last person he'd expect to see would be McLovin.

We don't know how long the pair remained together, but what is clear to see is that one man had his festival made by that moment.

I wonder how many people now regret not taking a David Beckham, Johnny Depp, or Bradley Cooper flag to Glasto now, in the hope that maybe they'd come over and talk to them.

Oh well, always next year, right?

Featured Image Credit: PA

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