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Chris Evans Gives Emotional Goodbye To Captain America After Wrapping On 'Avengers 4'

Chris Evans Gives Emotional Goodbye To Captain America After Wrapping On 'Avengers 4'

Marvel fans everywhere are devastated

Rachael Grealish

Rachael Grealish

Chris Evans is devastating Marvel fans everywhere as he's just dropped the biggest hint ever that he's hung up his shield for good and retiring from the iconic role.


The 37-year-old actor posted an emotional tweet saying filming for the next Avengers film is done and it's 'been an honour' to play the role over the last eight years.

On Twitter he posted: "Officially wrapped on Avengers 4. It was an emotional day to say the least. Playing this role over the last 8 years has been an honor. To everyone in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories! Eternally grateful."

Chris Evans/Twitter

This has led fans to believe that Evans will no longer take on the role once the next film's release and many took to Twitter to give their emotional goodbyes to the Captain.

One person said: "I can't believe you won't be playing captain America anymore.. It's a sad day.. Just know you will always be cap to me that will never change.. So long partner.."

Another tweeted: "#ThankYouChrisEvans for the honour to grow up with you, your potrayal of the most selfless Hero has thought me a lot, it's been an amazing 8 years.. Wish we could do this all over again.. But like all good things, this must come to an end also.. #ICanDoThisAllDay."


A third commented: "All I can say is, there will be no other cap like you... just as @RobertDowneyJr you both truly are Steve Rogers and Tony Stark... thanks for all the joy! One more to go. Cheers from México."

There really was emotions flying all over the social media site as one person even tweeted: "I can't even... I'm going to miss Steve Rogers so much, I never warmed to him in the comic books, but the way you portrayed him in film was beyond awesome. Turned out to be my favourite Avenger. #ThankYouChrisEvans."

The hint he's stepping away from the Marvel franchise is also backed up by a comment he made earlier in the year when he was quoted to have said: "You want to get off the train before they push you off it."

Though Marvel fans will have noted we first saw Chris Evans hit our screens in the 2005 film Fantastic 4, where he played the rowdy and daredevil 'Jonny Storm', it wasn't until 2011 he first picked up the Vibranium steel shield and became Captain American in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Since then his role has features in six films and made a cameo in several other Marvel films.

The next Avengers film, which is currently untitled, is said to be heading to cinemas in May 2019 - get your tissues ready.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/PA

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