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Chris Lilley Releases Clip Of Upcoming Show Lunatics

Chris Lilley Releases Clip Of Upcoming Show Lunatics

Excitement is building ahead of the release of Chris Lilley's new show Lunatics, where the funny man will show off his latest quirky characters.

Thankfully, Chris has thrown us all a bone and released a teaser of what we can expect from the comedy.


In the clip, we meet Keith Dick, 'a department store veteran who inherits a ladies fashion store while struggling with his objective sexuality and deep love for a cash register'.

He asks his staff what they'd like changed and despite getting a barrage of complaints, he slags them off and gets them into a huddle to yell 'my dick' heaps.

Because his name is Keith Dick...geddit?

People are excited about the quality of the show based off the short teaser with one person saying: "So glad to see him back with new characters!"


Another added: "So excited for this; missed Chris Lilley's characters."

In addition to Keith Dick, we'll also be meeting a pet psychologist to the stars, a real estate entrepreneur with a big bum, a budding museum owner, an arts and crafts influencer named Becky who also happens to be 7ft tall, and the future Earl of Gayhurst.

The official synopsis reads: "Lunatics: the story of six characters coming to terms with themselves and the world around them - be it a haunting past or a pressurising future, finding love or chasing dreams. Starring Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, and Chris Lilley."

And the best news is that it premieres on Netflix in three bloody days.

There's already a bit of worry about Lunatics after Lilley's previous shows were accused of doing blackface and continuing racial stereotypes.

While there has been some concern around his pet psychologist character Jana, due to her afro wig and South African heritage, we're being assured Lilley isn't creating a social media storm.

Lunatics premieres on Netflix on April 19.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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