Chucky Is Back And He's Creepy As Ever In First Child's Play Reboot Trailer

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Chucky Is Back And He's Creepy As Ever In First Child's Play Reboot Trailer

On 21 June, Toy Story 4 will be coming to cinema screens. It's bound to be a tale filled with lovable characters, mild peril and harmless humour.

However, if you prefer your toys psychotic and blood-thirsty, there's another film coming out on the same day (in the US) that might be a little more up your street.

Yes that cheeky chappy Chucky is returning in a reboot of the 1989 horror Child's Play. The first trailer has just dropped and 20 years on from the original movie, it seems the new version will ensure the series remains as horrifically creepy as ever.


The trailer begins with more of a Toy Story feel, though, as viewers are moseyed along through a comforting advertisement for a toy - with the soothing tones of Harry Nilsson's 'Best Friend' playing along in the background all the while.

But of course, this is the calm before the storm. Soon enough the toy begins to animate, picking up some clothing labelled 'Buddi' - a rebranding of the 'Good Guy' dolls from the original movie.

However, while the toy's name may have changed, the whole 'murderous doll' angle has definitely remained the same.


The innocence of the first half of the trailer rapidly erodes and is replaced by all the blood and blades we come to expect from a slasher film. Yes, this bastard really isn't your best friend. In fact, he's the kind of fella who will try and lynch your mum... Buzz Lightyear wouldn't do that.

Reaction among old-skool Child's Play fans will no doubt be mixed. For some, more Chucky can only be a good thing. But others may feel a little alienated by the fact some of the key players are not involved in the project - especially creator Don Mancini.

However, the latter camp shouldn't be too disappointed, as Mancini is currently working on a Child's Play TV series, which will air on Syfy.


According to Comic Book, he recently said in a statement: "I've long wanted to bring Chucky to television and Syfy is the perfect network for us.

"The show will be a fresh take on the franchise, allowing us to explore Chucky's character with a depth that is uniquely afforded by the television series format, while staying true to the original vision that has terrorised audiences for over three decades now."

It seems 20 years on, terrifying killer dolls are as loved and feared as ever. Who likes being able to get to sleep anyway?

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