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Danny Dyer Swears Live On Air While Throwing Shade At David Cameron

Danny Dyer Swears Live On Air While Throwing Shade At David Cameron

The actor spoke on ITV's 'Good Evening Britain' saying that no one has a clue what Brexit is as he blasted David Cameron

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Everyone was looking forward to Danny Dyer facing Piers Morgan - after everything the presented has said about Love Island in recent times.

And, if anyone has been living under a rock, the excitement surrounding the stand off is because Danny Dyer's daughter - Dani - is on the ITV2 reality show at the moment.

First, Morgan called the contestants the 'most stupid people in the world' and then he slammed fans of the show just to rub salt into our 'stupid' wounds.

So the chances were that Danny Dyer wasn't going to be too impressed with the presenter.

But, surprisingly, the focus was mainly on Dyer's political views when he appeared on Good Evening Britain.

He ranted: "Who knows about Brexit? No one has got a fucking clue what Brexit is. You watch Question Time, it's a comedy."

ITV/Good Evening Britain

When quizzed by Susanna Reid about whether the actor was any the wiser after Jeremy Corbyn explained it, Dyer said: "No I haven't got a clue. No one knows what it is, it's like this mad riddle that no one knows what it is, right.

"So what's happened to that t**t David Cameron? Let's be fair." Piers states: "I think you are referring to our former Prime Minister".

But Dyer continues: "How come he can scuttle off, he called all this on. Where is he? He's in Europe, in Nice with his trotters up - where is the geezer? I think he should be held accountable for it." Trotters, geezer - he's quite literally the gift that keeps on giving.

And we weren't completely disappointed because there was mention of the Love Island situation, funnily enough Piers brought it up.

Well not funnily enough considering he seems to enjoy putting himself in awkward situations. Not forgetting he was probably told to give the viewers what we wanted.

What a grovel of an apology. And the nation was delighted - the Love Island nation that is.

Morgan told Dyer, who is known for his hard man persona: "You may have seen on Twitter I have been calling the Love Island stars morons.

"That doesn't include anybody named Dani Dyer, she is just the most intelligent..."

Danny cut in and said: "Just stop talking, Piers. Just rambling on." You tell him, Danny.

ITV/Good Evening Britain

Speaking about his daughter, he has said: "I did struggle at first it was difficult.

"As its gone on what she's done is she's proved you can be a decent girl with self respect dignity."

However he went on to discuss fears about Dani's new boyfriend Jack Fincher, saying: "I fear more for the boy Jack. He is not going to know what fame is like."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Good Evening Britain

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