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Dapper Laughs Defends Rape Joke On 'Celeb BB'... Then Makes More Grim Gags

Dapper Laughs Defends Rape Joke On 'Celeb BB'... Then Makes More Grim Gags

Daniel O'Reilly, the man behind Dapper Laughs, claimed that his controversial joke that a woman was 'gagging for rape' was 'out of context'

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Oh dear, Dapper Laughs. It's only taken the controversial comedian one day in the Celebrity Big Brother house and he's already managed to piss people off something rotten.

Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother

The comedian - whose real name is Daniel O'Reilly - almost lost his career and was forced to semi-retire his character after making a controversial on-stage joke in 2014 that a female audience member was 'gagging for rape'.

O'Reilly has now tried to defend the infamous 'rape joke' to his new housemates, recognising he went too far while claiming the comment was taken 'out of context' by the media.

Unfortunately he quickly ruined it all by making several more grim gags about his fellow housemate Jess Impiazi and even the voice of Big Brother herself. Way to change your tune, mate.

Channel 5/Celeb BB

Speaking with former police officer Maggie Oliver, who uncovered the Rochdale child sex abuse scandal, Dapper admitted that his joke went too far, saying he realised he made the mistake in a conversation with his mum.

"I look back on it now and it's upset a lot of people. It's upset a lot of people," Dapper told Oliver, "but when the papers got it it just said 'Dapper Laughs has said a girl is 'gagging for a rape'.

"My mum rang me and said 'Why did you say a girl was gagging for rape?' I just said 'The context of the video...' and I knew then I'd gone too far. I know you shouldn't even discuss rape."

Just moments later in the Diary Room with Love Island's Johnny Mitchell, though, Dapper quickly changed his tune, joking that Johnny would be 'hanging out the back' of Ex on the Beach star Jess within two weeks.

Even though Johnny was horrified, Dapper then asked what the voice of Big Brother was wearing and called her a 'naughty' girl. Cringe.

Channel 5/Celeb BB

When asked about the women in the house, Dapper looked at Johnny and said: "Within two weeks he'll be hanging out the back of Jess. Can I say that?"

"I think she's gorgeous," Dapper added. "If I were you I'd be second knuckle. Don't show this on the show." Err.... Of course they did, mate.

As you'd expect, tons of CBB viewers weren't impressed with Dapper's remarks, and took to Twitter to show their anger.

They also pointed out the irony that just last week CBB were celebrating the Year of the Woman before sending Dapper into the house.

One viewer said: "Dapper apologises for 'rape jokes' then goes into the diary room talking about how 'Jonny will be hanging off the back of Jess' and if he was him he'd be 'second knuckle' this is NOT how you respect women ye slimy assholes"

Another added: "That Dapper Laughs guy on #CBB is the exclamation of the kind of pricks that make other men look bad! Such a t*** like who would actually say that a girl is 'gagging for a rape' & saying to guy in diary room 'He'll be hanging out the back of someone'... He has no respect 4 women!"

Better keep an eye on Daniel for the next few weeks. He might not be in the Big Brother house for long.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother

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