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Sir David Attenborough Says Filming 'Blue Planet 2' Was A 'Tragic Sight' At Times

Claire Reid

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Sir David Attenborough Says Filming 'Blue Planet 2' Was A 'Tragic Sight' At Times

Sir David Attenborough has said that filming Blue Planet 2 was, at times, 'tragic'.

The highly-anticipated series took four years to film, it involved 125 expeditions to 39 different countries and used top-spec technology to give viewers an unparalleled glimpse of life under the sea.

Ninety-one-year-old broadcaster Sir Dave has said that filming was a triumph, but was also saddening to see how the oceans have changed.

Speaking to the Telegraph, he said: "We are showing how the seas are changing and what an impact that's having on the rest of the inhabitants of the sea and ourselves."


He went on to talk about the bleaching of coral reefs, saying: "Seventy per cent of coral reefs have been affected worldwide to some degree, and a bleached coral reef is a very tragic sight."

Earlier this month, Sir David called for the world to cut back on its use of plastic, after seeing how badly pollution is affecting the oceans.

Speaking at the launch of Blue Planet 2, which airs Sunday 29 October, on BBC 1 8pm, he said: "What we're going to do about 1.5 degrees rise in the temperature of the ocean over the next 10 years, I don't know, but we could actually do something about plastic right now.


Credit: BBC

"I just wish we would. There are so many sequences that every single one of us have been involved in - even in the most peripheral way - where we have seen tragedies happen because of the plastic in the ocean.

"We've seen albatrosses come back with their belly full of food for their young and nothing in it. The albatross parent has been away for three weeks gathering stuff for her young and what comes out? What does she give her chick? You think it's going to be squid, but it's plastic. The chick is going to starve and die.

"There are more examples of that. But we could do things about plastic internationally tomorrow."


As well as Sir David, LADbible is determined to do something about this situation, but we need your help. We're campaigning to get the 'Great Pacific garbage patch' (a mass of plastic waste, cumulatively the size of France, that's formed off the coast of Hawaii) recognised as its own country. Its name? Trash Isles.

As an official country within the UN, it will be eligible for help from other countries. All we need is your help, because to become a registered country, Trash Isles will need some residents - you can sign up here.

LADbible has claimed the world's first country made entirely of trash to highlight the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans.


Get involved and ensure the world's first country made of trash is its last.

Become a citizen of the Trash Isles here

Donate to our charity partner, Plastic Oceans Foundation here

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: Blue Planet, BBC, plastic pollution, Sir David Attenborough

Claire Reid
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