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'Deadpool' Is Getting A Cards Against Humanity-Style Game

'Deadpool' Is Getting A Cards Against Humanity-Style Game

The adult card game will be released this summer

Claire Reid

Claire Reid

Deadpool and Cards Against Humanity are pretty much a match made in heaven, so it's probably no surprise that some bright spark has devised a CAH-style game centred around the superhero.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the new game will feature 100 custom illustrations of our pal Deadpool and follows a similar game-play style to the cult game Cards Against Humanity. It includes a number of dry-wipe, fill-in-the-blank cards so players can make up their own scenarios - whoever comes up with the funniest caption wins.


A synopsis from the game's creator USAopoly reads: "Winning requires players to tread outside of their comfort zone and fill in the blanks of cards that elicit inappropriate responses, ensuring outcomes of surprise, shock, and outbursts of laughter."

Deadpool Vs the World, created by USAopoly, is set to go on sale this summer, costing $24.95 (£17.96) and timing perfectly with the scheduled release of Deadpool 2.

The first movie, released in 2016, was a box-office smash hit, so it was only a matter of time before a sequel was announced and it's already shaping up to be one of the most highly-anticipated films of the year.

Although little has been revealed about the upcoming movie, we do know Ryan Reynolds will return as the 'Merc with a Mouth', alongside Josh Brolin who will play Marvel character Cable.

Producer Simon Kinberg told Entertainment Weekly: "It has to tonally and stylistically be as fresh and original [as the first film]. That's a big challenge especially because they had 10 years to gestate on the first movie and we don't have that kind of time on the second movie."

As ever, star Ryan Reynold has been helping to build up the hype with his amazing social media posts, but amongst the piss-taking and teaser footage, the actor has also been doing some pretty wonderful charity work with sick children from the Make-A-Wish and Children's Wish foundations.

Sharing photos of himself with the kids on the Deadpool 2 set, Reynolds wrote: "Deadpool kicked cancer in the taint, but these kids do it for real every day.


"These foundations make dreams come true for a lot of super-brave kids. They also make dreams come true for parents, who just wanna see their kid smile."

He also quickly shut down one troll who commented: "Guys Deadpool is R rated movie and those kids are watching it... I think something is wrong here..." by replying: "Yup. Deadpool is Rated R. If my kid went through a fraction of the shit these kids deal with daily, I think they can watch whatever they like. That's just my .02 cents."

Well said.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Featured Image Credit: USAopoly

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