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Documentary About 'Human Pups' Confused A Lot Of People Last Night

Documentary About 'Human Pups' Confused A Lot Of People Last Night

"It's like an S&M Crufts."

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

In many ways, I think we all wish we were dogs.

They're constantly happy, full of energy, and love whatever it is that you've suggested to do.

Although we'd like to live the life of a dog, it'd be very rare that you find anyone that quite literally leads a double life as a four-legged companion.

Firecracker Films, however, managed to find some of those people, who are part of a movement called 'pup play'. A documentary about the movement was aired on Channel 4 last night, called The Secret Life Of The Human Pups.

If you're thinking: 'well, that's fucking odd', then you're not alone.

People were rather confused by the group of people who claim their subculture is ready to go mainstream.

It does seem really odd, but you haven't seen The Secret Life Of The Human Porcupines yet.

You can laugh or look on in disbelief - but there are many walks of life. Admittedly, this is weirder than most, but it's a walk of life all the same.

Most of the human pups are homosexual males, who like dressing in leather and, well, like having their stomachs rubbed, eating out of bowls, and tend to have a relationship with their human handler - but it is not always sexual.

Credit: Firecracker Films

Tom Peters, a theatre sound technician, says that 'pup play' isn't just dressing up. He competes in Mr Puppy competitions, which is basically human Crufts.

Speaking to The Guardian, Tom said: "You're not worrying about money, or food, or work. It's just the chance to enjoy each other's company on a very simple level."

"All I want is for the pup community to be accepted in the same way. We're not trying to cause grief to the public, or cause grief to relationships. We're just the same as any other person on the high street."

It's very easy to fall into the trap of poking fun at these people, but at the end of the day they're doing what makes them happy.

You can watch the documentary on Channel 4 On Demand.

featured image credit: Firecracker Films via YouTube

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