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Eagle-Eyed Film Fan Finds Kevin’s Dad To Blame For 'Home Alone'

Eagle-Eyed Film Fan Finds Kevin’s Dad To Blame For 'Home Alone'

One Reddit user has found that Kevin McCallister may have been destined to stay home and scare burglars from the off.

Chris Ogden

Chris Ogden

Home Alone has always been a favourite film for families to watch at Christmas time. The 1990 Christmas comedy movie launched child star Macauley Culkin's career - even though he hasn't had much of one since.

But fans of the film are being forced to view it in a whole new way after a Reddit user spotted that Kevin McCallister may have been destined to stay home and scare burglars from the off.


In case you haven't seen Home Alone, eight-year-old Kevin, played by Culkin, is accidentally left behind by his family as they fly off to Paris for a Christmas holiday. Lucky for some.

The film itself blames Kevin being left at home on a temporary power outage, causing the family to over-sleep and forget him during a mad dash to the airport.

Many people thought that the mistake went unnoticed by the McAllisters and airport check-in staff alike as the family rushed to board the plane.

However, an eagle-eyed effort by the Reddit user,'bobcobble', has found that Kevin's father Peter may have sabotaged his son's chances of Francophone festivities on the night before the family set off. That's bad parenting.

A .gif posted to Reddit's Movie Details thread shows Peter throwing away Kevin's plane ticket while scooping up a load of drenched napkins he used to clean up milk which Kevin had spilled during an argument over pizza:

The moment takes place very quickly so when watching the film in real time, you'd be unlikely to think that the pile of red napkins was anything more consequential. Peter's just throwing away some rubbish, right?

Wrong. By zooming in on the mound of paper in Peter's hands - and a shot of the garbage in the trash can, it's easy to see Kevin's red-wrapped American Airlines ticket. Hell, it even has his name written on it in black marker.

Does this mean that Peter meant to leave Kevin at home? Fans of Home Alone certainly think so, as hundreds of people have responded to the thread saying that maybe Kevin's dad had more sinister plans in mind all along.

"Let's dispel with this fiction that Mr. McCallister doesn't know what he's doing," said one Reddit user on the thread. He knows exactly what he's doing.

"He hired those two robbers to rob his house without telling them Kevin would be there, with the plan being they would panic and kill Kevin," another said.

Others thought Peter was just careless: "You'd think a guy who can afford to fly out his entire extended family to Paris on Christmas would be a little more organised with the ticket situation," they said.

Whether you think Peter was being devious or just a bit mindless, it looks like little Kevin might have been watching Angels with Filthy Souls anyway.


No matter whether the theory is true or a load of baloney, you might as well just let it increase your appreciation of a classic from Christmas past.

After all, if they filmed Home Alone now, the McCallisters would have just checked in online and waited an hour and a half at the check-in gate.

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