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​Awkward Emilia Clarke Interview Suggests She Wasn’t Happy With Daenerys' Ending

​Awkward Emilia Clarke Interview Suggests She Wasn’t Happy With Daenerys' Ending

Many people said her reaction in the awkward interview was a 'warning'


Many fans were left feeling more than just a little disappointed by Daenerys' actions in last night's episode of Game of Thrones, which saw her turn from the benevolent Mother of Dragons into a fire-frenzied Mad Queen. However, by the looks of things, actor Emilia Clarke hasn't been best pleased, either.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, conducted from the red carpet at last September's HBO Emmy Party, Clarke wasn't giving much away about her character's fate - but her face arguably said it all.

The interview started off positively, albeit things may have gotten a little intense, when Clarke said season eight would be the best one yet.

"Best season ever," she said. "Ever. Ever. Ever, ever. Forever, ever."

All together now: 'Best season ever!'
Entertainment Tonight

Because the message wasn't quite clear, the interviewer then asked: "Okay, so is that our tease? The best season ever?"

"Ever," Clarke replied. "EV-ER."

Jesus, André 3000, chill out.

Here's a thought though. Maybe, just maybe, she wasn't trying to convince us that the finale would be the best we've ever seen - but herself.

"Have you shot your final scenes yet, and are you happy with how things ended?" the interviewer asked her.

Nathalie Emmanuel, who played Missandei and was stood beside Clarke, launched straight in there with a diplomatic 'yes', but Emilia Clarke looked a lot less convinced.

Oh man, that face says everything.
Entertainment Tonight

After an awkward pause, Clarke eventually managed to pull her eyebrows down from her hairline to exclaim: "Best season ever!"

You ain't fooling us, love.

Best season ever, right?
Entertainment Tonight

One YouTuber commented on the video: "Her reaction was definitely a warning."

Another said: "Well, Emilia warned us..."

A third added: "SHE WAS TRYING TO WARN US!!"

You'll know that in episode five of Game of Thrones season eight, Daenerys unleashed absolute hell by wreaking havoc on King's Landing with her last remaining dragon.

While fans said the move seemed out of character, in a behind-the-scenes clip called 'The Mad Queen', Clarke revealed why she thought her character did what she did in the epic, flame-throwing sequence - justifying her change in direction as the result of grief.

"It's so natural for a person to resort to anger, and that's exactly where she goes," she said.


"It's there, it has always been there. It's what has drove her throughout everything. Here comes that familiar feeling of anger and she doesn't do anything to choke that. She lives in it.

"It's this feeling that you could call Targareyn craziness, or you could give it all of these names that it doesn't deserve because it's just grief.

"It's hurt and she has this ability to make this hurt feel a little bit less for a minute. And the feeling is to fucking kill her [Cersei]. When you feel that much failure, disappointment, shame, hurt and lost love, there's only so much pain that you can handle before you snap."

Featured Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight

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