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End 'The Simpsons' - It's Time For A Spin-Off Show About Moe

End 'The Simpsons' - It's Time For A Spin-Off Show About Moe

So, before we get too deep into it, let's set some ground rules. The Simpsons is the greatest TV show of this or any time. That is an indisputable fact.

Secondly, it is finished. There are now way more bad episodes than good, and they've been flogging this horse for too long now. Stop it, he's already dead.


With that in mind, let's consider the idea that the people behind the show should try to take it in a different direction by creating a completely different show.

It's not as if there isn't enough gold still remaining in Springfield to make a decent spin-off programme. They'd just need to decide which characters to base it around.

Well, it looks as if a front runner has emerged - at least, if the good folk on Twitter are to be believed.

They reckon that any Simpsons spin-off show should focus around Moe Szyslak, Springfield's friendly (not really) tavern owner.


As it happens, there are loads of people online suggesting this, as well as there being further proof on online voting site Ranker that Moe is the people's choice.

To be fair, he is a pretty interesting and nuanced character. He's gruff, but has a heart of gold; he's devious, but he usually does the right thing; he's angry but - well - actually, he's just angry.

The tavern also provides a good setting as it allows people to come wandering through, get drunk, and then instigate shenanigans. It's perfect.

Incidentally, the Ranker poll puts evil billionaire and nuclear (it's pronounced nu-cu-lar) plant owner C. Montgomery Burns in second place. I'd also watch that.

However, the Internet has spoken. They have made their decision and want mo' Moe, and I'm OK with that.

They could even replace the couch gag with one of Bart's prank phone calls. It practically writes itself.

Make it happen, Groening.

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