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‘Family Guy’ Is Doing The Unspeakable By Amputating Quagmire’s Manhood

‘Family Guy’ Is Doing The Unspeakable By Amputating Quagmire’s Manhood

There's no word on whether it will be a permanent move or if he's gifted with it back at the end of the episode

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Virtually everyone on Family Guy has their thing that their known for. Peter and Lois have their laughs (among other things), Brian his alcohol, Stewie his intelligence, Cleveland his voice...and so on, and so on.

Quagmire is known for his womanising.

But it seems as though Fox is going to mix things up by taking away the man whore's manhood. In tomorrow's episode, according to TV Line, Quagmire suffers a 'serious injury' to his penis and he needs to get it removed.

There's no word on whether this will be a permanent move or whether he gets another dick at the end up 'The Unkindest Cut'.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will Quagmire's sexual prowess decline or will it be more insatiable because he can't sex the way he usually does?

Whatever the case, you can almost guarantee the Parents Television Council will have something to say about it. The PTC has been very vocal of its disdain for the Fox show and have taken aim at things that Quagmire has done in the past.

They weren't happy about an episode involving Quagmire sleeping with an underage girl, with President Tim Winter saying: "We believe that Family Guy's description of this explicit sexual terminology violates the broadcast indecency law.


"And we believe that joking about statutory rape, as Family Guy did throughout this episode, exceeds contemporary community standards of decency for the broadcast medium."

While tomorrow's episode could be a gamechanger for Quagmire, it's still nowhere the change we saw in Stewie in March.

Stewie has had a clipped, upper-class British accent throughout his run on the show, at odds with his father's nasally New England tongue.

However, in 'Send In Stewie, Please', it was revealed that he's been putting the accent on all this time. Asked by his therapist to be himself, Stewie says he 'doesn't know how'.

"Everything about me is this carefully constructed persona to keep people at arm's length. This isn't how I really talk," he says.

From there, he jumps into an American accent not dissimilar to his father's recognisable Rhode Island tones, a 'code of armour' to get him through the day. Stewie's voice is based on British stage and screen actor Rex Harrison. MacFarlane modelled the voice of Stewie on the actor's voice after seeing Harrison in an adaptation of My Fair Lady.

It doesn't seem as though the revelation stuck as he was back to talking in his normal voice in episodes following.

Featured Image Credit: Family Guy/Fox

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