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Footage Of Clarkson, Hammond And May Filming Their New Series

Footage Of Clarkson, Hammond And May Filming Their New Series

They're back.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

After a long wait Clarkson, Hammond and May are well and truly underway with filming for their new car show on Amazon Prime.

They're heading into direct competition with their old show Top Gear, but from some footage of the three of them seemingly up to their old tricks, that hasn't dampened their spirits.

The trio were snapped in Surrey driving a strangely modified Mercedes that is likely to be the topic of a classic Top Gear style challenge.

The 1970s Mercedes was modified to have large, off road tires which Clarkson thought was brilliant. His co-presenters seemed a bit more underwhelmed than the 55-year-old.

There were no dodgy number plates and they managed not to offend anyone in the video, which is a big acheivement for them. The most offensive thing was Richard Hammond's goatee, which he is yet to fully remove from his face.

Clarkson's new show, which hasn't got a name yet, is set to be premiered later this year on Amazon Prime. Get your subscriptions in soon, lads.

Featured image credit: SWNS TV via YouTube

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